Can you masterbate to much?

No you can't. There is no set limit to masturbating. Do what you have a feeling like is the right amount. However, don't consent to masturbating consume and take over your enthusiasm. You should do it in moderation. Jack away!

No, you can not masturbate to much, but can injure your penis muscles as you grow elderly by over stretching or pulling the muscles that hold your penis erect or that control the blood flow to the penis. But this could happen when you grow elder. If you are young and love masturbating consequently do it often but do it near caution. As the penis is a muscle and it can be injured if you tug on it to firm or over exercise it. All muscles need time to get better if they are injured.
naw..never heard that back..guys have be doing that for years and being told how strong it is so i wouldn't think u could do it to much..progress for it
The only muscle surrounded by the penis is the dartos muscle which holds the foreskin closed. The penis' underlying structure is made up of three cylinders, containing segmented spongy tissue. During erection they fill beside blood and become hard.
Nearly every masculine masturbates a lot when youthful. I certainly did. Normally it does not do any wound at all except to brand name it a bit sore if you do it too often or too roughly.
The merely problem is some males who do it by thrusting into the bed or other underlying surface, never using their hands. This can exact damage. If you are masturbating in general using your hands beside your foreskin or what you have disappeared of it; or using lube, then nearby is nothing to verbs about.
no, u cant stir too much per say (sp?), but you can rub yourself lightly cooked if you are doing 8, 9 times a day, regularly. Also, if it is interfering near your every day social and work vivacity, then it might be a problem.
Yes, you can, resembling if you do it so much that it makes you sore or tired out or get in the mode of taking care of the central things in duration. But there is no rule for how much or how commonly is right for each personage. You have to wish that.
Not really, but it's healthier overall to enjoy a partner. But there's no physical harm no concern how much you masturbate.

(And the penis is NOT a "muscle", it's just a sponge. When you find aroused, a valve shuts past its sell-by date the blood leaving the penis so that it fill up with blood. When you receive really aroused, your blood pressure goes up, so your penis get even harder. Your nipples are made out of the same substance, by the way, call "erectile tissue". You can't damage your penis by masturbating. Relax. Enjoy.)
YES.that guy that said yes a few avatars above is right.most ancestors will say no but trust me, in that is such a thing as masturbating too much.your wrists./hand can catch tired and your penis will feel sore if you do it too much...I masturbated A LOT.approaching every single day
No, I'm living proof!

hell no
yes... when your penis hurts from the rubbing
the vocies surrounded by my head dont approaching u!shoot here comes my little sister im on her account
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No, If you are masturbating a lot day by day, then you maight "temporarily" be out of sperm. However, the subsequent day, you should be capable of ejaculate the normal amount of semon.
No, you can't masturbate to much. It purely that if doing it multiple times a day, you can start to return with sore and raw in that. So only do it a few times a year or skip a day or two here and within. It perfectly run of the mill and healthy for a man to masturbate. Never is alot of masturbating to much.
No !
I am only about six foot (in stage that is) and I have be masturbating since I was nearly ten or eleven. Sure hasn't stunted my growth. I average about ten - twelve times a week. Not twice every sunshine but frequently twice a day. I believe that I am reasonablly intelligent and I am competent to read and write and run a business sucessfully. I don't got no zits! There is really nothing wrong beside masturbation! It is a perfectly usual healthy point done by 98% of men (the other two percent are liars.)
You can be assured that:
- you won't develop pimples, acne or zits;
- your penis will not get shorter;
- you will not be smaller amount intelligent;
- you will not grow hair on your palms;
- you will not travel bald;
- you will not budge to hell (at least because of masturbating);
- you will not lose your mind;
- you will not become sterile;
- your penis will not crash down off;
- your testicles will not reduction in size;
- your hit and miss of being struck by lightning is not increase.
But you will be:
- your penis will imagined become stronger;
- more relaxed;
- smiling most of the time;
- a perfectly average man;
- and you will still produce enough eggs contained by your sperm.
So keep IT up and verbs to enjoy. !
yes, because if you overdo it, you can experience muscle spasms. Lets put it this track "If you ride your bike all the time, it wont second very long. If you ride it every once and a while, it will closing forever."

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