Why are my testicles sore after masturbation?

whenever I masturbate soon after my testicles will feel sore for a couple hours. how can i prevent this?

Stop attaching the mouse traps too them, I told you that wasn't right!
don't masurbate
dont masturbate as much
Do they evolve to bounce a lot? If so, try to hold them near the spare hand. =)
work on a purpose of masturbating less. cuz masturbation puts pressure on the private areas.
You must be working it, really firm.
stop jackin off so much dude walk do somethin else with your life span
Stop squeezing them while you masturbate.
Your testicles may be sore from the movement of them back and forth, since in attendance are nerves all over them a slight smack can have a feeling horrible. You could slow down the pace, or you could cut hindmost on masturbation. Either way will use up your pain.
get hold of your boyfriend to massage them
u do it to much!
unforced there !
Quit masterbating. Your sac draws up tight, and squeezes the testes against the body to preserve them from harm during intercourse. If you are younger than 20 or so, and masterbate on your vertebrae, your balls may ascend up glorious next to the penis, even disapear within the old cavity where they descended from at or to hand birth. That causes backache. Try masterbating standing, or on your knees so they don't retract so high.
Take it jammy! Relax. Think sexy and erotic thoughts. Masturbation does not have to be rough! There is undeniably nothing wrong near masturbation! It is a perfectly commonplace healthy article done by 98% of men (the other two percent are liars.)
You can be assured that:
- your penis will not get shorter;
- you will not grow spine on your palms;
- you will not go smooth on top;
- you will not go to hell (at lowest because of masturbating);
- you will not lose your mind;
- you will not become sterile;
- your penis will not fall rotten;
- your testicles will not decrease within size;
- your chance of person struck by lightning is not increase.
But you will be:
- your penis will likely become stronger;
- more relaxed;
- smiling most of the time;
- a immaculately normal man;
- and you will still produce plenty eggs in your sperm.
So preserve IT up and continue to savour.

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