How does smoking a cigarette affect me after a workout at the gym?

I know there are gloomy effects from smoking, ya, but are there any inherent traits of cigarette smoke that will affect results from lifting weights?

Well, we know that nicotine is very bad for circulation (it narrows blood vessel and damages blood cells) and smoking is terrible for respiration (damages the lungs and make it harder to get oxygen out of the heavens you breathe). Together this puts strain on all your muscles which requirements both systems to bring healthy oxygen rich blood to your muscular system within order to repair it (and, unsurprisingly, grow muscle) and keep it natural. Therefore, logic dictates that if you smoke it is harder for a smoker's body to maintain a well muscular system, compared with a nonsmoker. Not to mention you're putting an extremely large strain on your most important muscle, your heart. If you are looking for more info on smoking's effects on the body as economically as the most effective means of access to quit and stay quit, click the link below. It is the site I used to quit. Good luck.
It lowers your lung size so it will make you more tired and wheezy faster. Hope that help.
You'll absorb more of the stuff into your system.
Well, smoking cigarettes increases the amount of carbon monoxide and reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood - is that apt for weight lifting?
smoking restircts your blood flow, and after a workout your blood flow is pretty high-ranking, so you slow it down, and in turn your workout ends up person pointless.
that was tremendously stupid...that weight in recent times came vertebrae...SO DROP DA SHMOKES...GET A LIFE AND STOP KILLIGN URSELF
why would you bother lifting weights and exercising and also continue to smoke? try and quit for your own sake...its strong trust me I did it but you feel so much better .Hope you quit!
It probably won't affect you that much as far as what you did lifting weights, but if you smoke pretty commonly you will not have the activeness to work out.
One of the many side effects. Is that it restricts the blood vessel, and not only pollutes the body. You can any smoke or try to get into shape. Not both.
it can generate you lose your breath faster and get cancer of the longs only just long any time smoking you would be alot healthier if you quit smoking and wont own trouble breathing
this is interesting because i myself am a smoker.Nicotine is a drug. People don't realize that it is that harmful but it is. It is addictive close to many drugs and get absorbed into the bloodstream. Seven to eight second later the brain can touch the reaction. It have been notice that nicotine may sometimes alter a person's personality depending on how long they hold been smoking, the amount of puffs inhaled, and how richly they were inhaled.
Dangerous Side Affects:
Increase within heart rate
Increase in hormone production
Increase within blood pressure
Constriction of small blood vessels on skin
Changes surrounded by blood composition
Changes in metabolism
apart from anyone an idiot - its like peeing against the twist. you are only reducing the amount of oxygen your body already desires efficient supply of at the time. adjectives the other effects of smoking are still there.
lifting weights is an anerobic exercise that help build muscles,,,i do not know of any inherent traits in "a" cigarrete smoke that will affect your muscle ,,but addiction to smoking ...the results are history.

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