What is this discomfort surrounded by my ball?

I have this throbbing discomfort in my ball but there is not lump or anything close to that. What could it be from?

It's your Man and he's squeezing the **** out of your nuts for not remembering Ross's middle name. TLAOJINO motherfucker!
Have you be playing with yourself and stopped past orgasm? If so its blue balls. Finish doing it and it will shift away!
I think you should see a doctor roughly this.
Throbbing pain contained by your balls could because of multiple reasons.
1. It could be due to some trauma. Trauma can be specified or unknown. Known, which you know, while doing some activity. Unknown could be because of some wrong sleeping posture overnight, which you be not aware at that time.
2. TORSION OF TESTIS: Some people do encounter next to this condition. This is extremely serious. The pain unhurriedly increases and becomes painful. I won't have to suggest, the strain in this condition would so sever, that you would yourself wish your Docs consultation.
3. EPIDYDIMO ORCHITIS: This is inflammation of testis, manifested next to pain and swelling within your testis. Again the pain would be really sever. This could be due to some infection.
Suggestion: Now what I suggest for your pain is that first you lift some pain murderer. Then watch your headache. If the pain increases by the time, next to some swelling and reddening, the go to your Doc, or emergency. Don't verbs, I believe, the throbbing pain is simply momentary, and a good anguish killer will do. If you develop some kinda infection, later course of good antibiotic will treat the disease. Only torsion would requirement some surgical management.
That is symtoms of testicular cancer. Maybe you should hold it checked otherwise you may have one removed.
Could be a hernia that of late isn't popped out right now. I would definetly dance get it checked out! DO NOT WAIT!!!!!

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