Where can a guy buy shoe lift surrounded by New York City?

I'm an average-sized guy - a little over 5'9" - and am jolly with my distance from the ground. I just thought it might be fun to see what it's approaching to view the world from 6' or so presently and then. I've be to my neighborhood shoe repair store, but they don't have lift. Anybody know where to buy them surrounded by Manhattan? If not, I'll just instruct some online.

Thanks for your help.

Go to a discount store and buy some Dr Scholl's heel pad for your shoes, they're cheap, and add as several to your shoes as you want to.Be sure they are for under the heel and not for the spinal column of it.
This is my pet peeve! Not finding an actual store to buy the stuff. So annoying.

Call shoe store and if they don't have them, ask who does. Shouldn't nick long.

BTW, shoe lifts are adhesive. Girls don't like them.

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