Sex after a man ejaculate? Painful?

I heard that after a man ejaculate it hurts him to have sex, even if he is still "hard". Is this true?

I be having sex next to my boyfriend, and he "cam" before I did, when I tried to verbs to have sex near him, he stopped me and told me he "cam"... But he was still "hard".. Did he fake to me? Why was he still "hard"?

A friend of mine said her boyfriend can hold having sex right after he ejaculate.. Is this true?

*No, I'm not asking this because I want to reveal something about my personal go
*No, I'm not asking if you think I should find a up to date partner
*No, I did not ask this question so you can find some witty response.

All answers would be greatly appreciated, I am too shy to ask my boyfriend [I don't want to know your opinion about this, either], and I am simply curious..

Thank you for your time!

Not exactly stinging, but a man's penis usually becomes terrifically sensitive right after he has an orgasm (the ejaculation subdivision is incidental). Some men can continue to enjoy their penis touched and stimulated continuously, but most can't, even though it may stay erect. It just become very tender, at lowest for a few minutes. It's called a refractory time, shorter or non-existent for some men, longer for others.

After my wife climaxed, it was terribly uncomfortable for her for me to try to verbs to stimulate her. Same thing? Common?
Well, I one-sidedly can keep going even after cumming 2-3 times, but it does differ. Its not that it hurts... Speaking to him would embarass him for sure.
We do catch hard even after climax, but some cant verbs..
Its fine, you have to arouse him and tempt him, thats adjectives i can say...
I am feminine, so obviously my response is base on my experiences and observations of my guy.

It's my understanding that after climaxing, for plentiful the tip of the penis becomes fundamentally, very sensitive (for most men). After oral sex, I hold to be very painstaking with my boyfriend because the increased sensitivity can result in him pain.

I also know that most of the men I've be with lose their erection slowly after orgasm; it's not a immediate "deflate." The body needs time to move the blood rear out of the penis, so it makes sense that he may still be somewhat rugged right after cumming.
For me, it's not so much painful, it's basically that after I ejaculate, I kind of lose interest, and humping of late becomes another chore.
after a man ejaculate the penis is extremely sensitive(for me anyways)...its kinda like it feel so good it it wife is impossible to tell apart way...after she have a BIG orgasm her clit is waaay to sensitive to even think in the order of touching.
I can do again without verbs off my penis Twice non stop
NO. it is not true for most guys.
One possibility: His glans may acquire very sensitive right after an orgasm almost to the point of distress. I can't even touch mine its so sensitive. It should be OK after a minute or so and he should be back surrounded by the saddle.
Some guys lose their erections after they ejaculate, but if they don't there isn't any plea other trhan lack of interest for the guy to stop. problem near younger guys who don't have closely of self control, is after they come, the sex is over. They can't go the distance.
After a man cums his penis is really sensitive and sore to touch, the blood that be in his penis keepin it erect have flowed back within to the rest of his body. There is very few men who can enjoy sex again after just cumming.

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