By how much does a penis grow during an erection?

varies, associates have different size knob.

some are "Showers" i.e. the knob is already the same length as it is intricate.

some are "growers" meaning it get a lot bigger when unyielding.

average adult erection size is around 5.5-6.5 inches, your mate will say that theirs exceed that, commonly bullsh1t.
Mine x3.
how much penis pilezz have u taken.^--^

That pretty much vary from man to man and is dependent on their size before an erection.

The average size of an erect penis is...6-6.5inches not slightly what men imagine it to be!!

you may want to look at this american study..

Anyway its not size that matter its what you do with it that counts!!

Elphaba x
Up to 30cm.
powerfully it depends..may be twice or three times or even more..this depends on many factor (flaccid size,blood supply and body built)...but i always loved this quote by my professor Dr.aziz "it's not the length which matter it's the need merely 9 cm to penetrate a woman's vagina and the rest cut it to your wishes to eat!!"
it's not the length but how we use it properly
3-4 inches
Starting April 29 at lunchtime this is Size question # 9.

Here we dance again with another "penis length/size" give somebody the third degree. It will increase by 2 - 3 times. Average is about 5 to 6 inches. Penises come surrounded by a variety of sizes. Your penis size will be the size you are given! There are no pills or creams, no toys or tools that will kind a penis longer or larger. Any product claiming to do that should be regarded as one suspect. Likely it is a scam and the only entry that will get bigger is the wallet or edge account of the person/company offering the product. Look closely at the promotions and you will see that the product is not tested, inspected, approved or endorsed by any reputable institution. If it works why has it not be submitted to the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration for FDA Approval. If you are concerned that your penis is not large ample then consider that the average length is 5.5 inches and frankly to be precise plenty large adequate. Read some of the posts from females who are afraid of the "huge" penises out there. Sure the "American thing" is "bigger is better" but explicitly not always the valise. If you are concerned about the ladies pleasure - and that should be your biggest concern, you should develop a technique or style that makes the most out of what you be given.
It is important to remember that sexual intercourse is not simply a piston going pay for and forth at a high speed. Actually abundantly of the "jocks" haven't figured that out even so. If you work at developing a style you will score more and it will be more fun for both of you.
And it will be fun erudition the technique.
And if you are still wanting to do something to make your penis bigger, respectively night until that time you climb into bed, get down on your knees, bow your skipper, and pray for a larger penis. Trust me, you stand a better chance this opening than with any tools or toys
doesn't event realy it is what you can do with it!! xx x
From 4 inches to 10 plus inches thats right isnt it guys ?
no standard size
psyche say doubles surrounded by size would be a fair average both contained by length and girth

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