Exactly How Dangerous Is Saline Injections?

If you haven't heard of it, dig out it. You can inject saline into your balls and you *come* more. Plain and simple. I wouldn't probably do this but I be just wondering how harmful this could be.

Saline injections into ur testes could be dangerous!! First, scrotum is exposed and liable to infections approaching Fourniers gangrene. Second, injecting saline may actually mar the testis by increasing turgor and u may become infertile!!
First, ew. Next, saline isn't bad for your body. It's what they use within IV drips.
Saline injections are not dangerous contained by any way. saline is isotonic to the body description it is neither alkaline or acidic to the body and composition of blood and will not produce any send somebody over the edge in the fluids and electrolytes important in the body. Saline is used for almost everything from cleansing and soaking wounds to administering intravenous fluids and tally volume to the circulatory system during trauma, surgery or even for exhaustion or fluid replenishment contained by the body . It is a widely used fluid and causes no particular problems.
It isn't dangerous, It have a neutral ph and is usually used to verbs wounds or IV if you are dehydrated. It give water and moisture final to cell in the body. It's 0.7% brackish water within more simpler terms.
Would you really want to risk it? Why don't you (or partner) manipulate essential oils into the genital nouns to enhance sensitivity and heighten your sexual experience.

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