Barefoot make foot bigger?

I'm 13 nearly 14 and i currently wear a size 10 1/2 US (10UK) and here in Australia adjectives schools enjoy uniforms. My foot have suddenly started growing totally quickly. I've grown 4 sizes contained by the last partly a year and they are still growing and my school shoes singular go up to a size 12 UK so my Mum started unfolding me to stop walking around barefoot to stop my feet from getting too big for institution shoes. does walking barefoot make your foot grow or am i just have a growth spurt?

Answers:    Going barefoot only make your feet 'bigger' or even 'wider' contained by the same agency not wearing a corset made 18th century women's waists 'wide'. That is how your feet are SUPPOSED to look! Most shoes -even men's footwear- pushes our toes within, and wearing shoes too small for you is very, terrifically harmful. ALL western shoe-wearers enjoy deformed feet to some extent, and if you wear footwear too small for you it's going to do much more impair than is considered normal contained by our society. Go barefoot as much as possible, and when you have to wear shoes find shoes that fit. Your institution shouldn't make you wear shoes too small for you, we are adjectives aware of the need for things resembling good chairs, ergonomic keyboards etc etc but ethnic group still think it's okay to require shoes that hurt your foot (school shoes that only walk up to a certain size, not to mention women that enjoy to wear tight 'dress shoes' with heels at work), that's a ridiculous oversight and I hope it will go and get corrected some time soon.

Oh, and you will not get fall arches from going barefoot. Unless perhaps if you're majorly overweight, foot do not need support. From "The Influence of Footwear on the Prevalence of Flat Foot,"
"In Europe and America flat foot is a adjectives reason for attendance at a children's orthopaedic clinic, but surrounded by India children are seldom brought for treatment for flat foot. The few children who do attend with this complaint are from affluent urban family and they all wear shoes. In our clinic we hold never seen a child from the gardening community or from the family of a encyclopaedia labourer who complained of flat foot."
Growth spurt. I walk around barefoot adjectives the time and have relatively small foot for my size.

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