I wonder if any men smoke Virginia Slims?

desperate men whose wives forbbid them to smoke so they appeal to their female neighbour who is contained by the same situation and they hair from their mates purely like teenagers pelt from their parents:)(inspired by a true story : my dad):D
Yes some do. I knew a guy.

He freshly liked them for some grounds.
HAHA...I actually know a guy who did! I admit it made me cross-question his sexuality.
The only men I own observed smoking virginia slims were gay men.

Or those that REALLY entail a cigarette.
yes and they probably wear pink lacy thongs too.
idk any that do.. just unnatural
I'm sure they have when they involve a nicotine fix.
Yes, the ones who have boyfriends.
I enjoy to say... Virginia Slims are pretty girly. But, near really aren't any "manly" cigarettes.

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  • Magnum condoms?
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