If you check yourself into a mental facility, can you check yourself out when you discern better?

My sister is very stressed over several nearest and dearest and personal issues. She's feeling emotionally and mentally overwhelmed. She desires to check into a facility to take time to obtain herself together. She has 3 children still at home (ages 9,10 & 18). She say that although she sometimes feels resembling hurting herself, she won't because of her children. She thinks that if she puts herself near, she can take herself out. Is this true?

Hi within,

I'm sorry to hear that your sister is struggling. It sounds like she would benefit from some treatment. I know if can be worrisome, but it sounds like she really desires a safe, supportive environment right immediately.

To answer your question, it depends. If is considered by the doctor to be a trouble to herself, they can keep her for up to 3 days. She will have need of to sign a 72 hour letter and check out against medical direction (AMA). If they still feel she is a menace to herself, they may do a 2PC (or Two Physician Commitment) to keep her in that until she is stable.

(I know this is true for NY state, but not sure about the specifics for other states...I believe it is similar).

Hope this help.
yes she can. when she checks in tho she will enjoy to sign a disclaimer and the facility will have the prospect to keep her contained by if they think she is a vulnerability to herself or to others. but usually it is fine and the person can of late walk out when they have a feeling they're ready
Yes, she can disappear "AMA" (against medical advice) if she wants to. However, you may want to check beside her insurance. Some insurance companies won't pay for the hospitalization (which is VERY expensive) if the forgiving signs themself out AMA. Also, it will be noted on her patient files that she did so. Also, if her doctor believes she is still a danger to herself when she tries to sign herself out, he or she may pursue an involuntary permission, and then she WON'T know how to sign herself out.

Personally, if you feel she really is thinking almost hurting herself (even though she says she isn't), I give attention to I would report it, because I wouldn't want something to happen to someone and know that I could own prevented it and didn't.
When she is better, the doctors will release her. There is no "better" if it is against medical opinion. Yes, technically if she is voluntary she can check herself out, but that comes next to consequences, like not anyone able to use that facility again, or, okay be deemed involuntary the subsequent time.

If her ideal is to win better, have her comply beside the doctors and have her thieve the (sounds like) much needed break she needs. There is NO POINT contained by checking yourself voluntary into a facility if you aren't going to finish it.
Unsure of what American mental health deed entails, but within Australia you can admit yourself into psychiatric caution as a voluntary patient.
As a voluntary tolerant, you have the opportunity of daily counselling, communication next to nursing staff and changing or commencing medication below close supervision.
If admitted voluntarily and you injure yourself or someone else, you can becomerequired to remain institutionalised until you are "feeling better". However, due to the over population of mentally under the weather, your sister may not need to progress into hospital. She can report to the Crisis Assessment Team (CAT team) who can plan around visiting her on a each day basis surrounded by the comfort of her home until she feels very well enough to progress it alone. if at any time she feels she is not coping, she can name the CAT team on the emergency number and parley to them. Ultimately, getting her the most appropriate help for her interests is advisable. I preference you the best TC, Kate
Well, yes and no. It's not going to be like it's a leave that she can check into and out of at will. First of all they wont even accept her unless she's a danger to herself or someone else. If they agree on she is a danger to herself and agree her, if she begins to consistency better and THEY agree she's coping better, they will more often than not, release her. However, if they're concerned she might still not be coping, or that she's coping here but will revert when put back contained by her original environment, they can deny her release. One of two things may begin in such a defence. She can try to sign herself out AMA (against medical advice) in which bag her insurance company may refuse to foot for her treatment, or the doctors at the facility, if they think she's still unstable adequate, can have her involuntarily held. They can present their baggage to a judge, and own her right to consent revoked and have her involuntarily committed.
i'm be in 5 ward myself the last one i go into was a State Mental Health Facility motivation i have no insurance. I hope you sis have insurance because it can be costly. If she checks herself in yes she can check herself out. If she doesn't and does bring to a close up doing something then she'd own to sign and involunatry admission and she would hold to wait for the doctors to inform her when to leave. Now if she starts on medication or switches if she's on some right immediately then they could ask her to stay for 7 days for side affects reason but i'm not sure if she'd have to stay. I be always forced to step cause i hurt myself formerly getting help and THAT SUCKS.

Has she considered purely therapy? Sometimes it help to just communicate to one of those. But if she feels similar to she really needs to be watch or needs to be away for a while i know that. Good luck to her ..
I would never feel comfortable giving anyone else that class of power over my life... Some ethnic group, especially mental health professionals nick that privilege a little too seriously... Most of them are God complex, control freaks who will steal advantage totally if you don't comply and do what they expect you to do.

Im not trying to alarm you or turn you off... if you requirement to and you want to, By all technique go! Just consider the possibilities involved near what I am saying here. I own no idea how impossible off she is and as a result I can't say what they will do or won't do any way.

These relatives sometimes take doesn`t matter what you say too literally because they enjoy to. There is no gray area within mental health sometimes.

As long as you own control of your faculties and you are competent to delegate, rationalize and be responsible for yourself...

Try a spa treatment, some pamper and maybe budge talk to a psychotherapist...

Think about it... Do you really trust anyone else near responsibility over your own existence and quality of natural life?
yea. once you check in its up to you when you want to catch out.
but if someone else checks you in, its up to the doctors to desire when she gets out.
If it be me I would try outpatient counseling first. if she needs to be inpatient later her counselor can help her arrange a voluntary access to a facility that would be the best for her.
If she did end up going within voluntarily then she would know how to request for her discharge.
If she does request for a discharge then three things can come up.
1. The doctor can agree that she is ready for discharge. she will go and get scripts for meds and follow up appointments.
2. the doctor says that she is ill-equipped to be discharged, but is not a harm to herself or others, so she is discharged AMA. She will not carry scripts or follow up appointments, and her insurance may not be willing to earnings. and
3. The doctor may find her to be a danger to herself or others and pursue a court commitment that can ending from a 3 day OPC (Order of Protection) up to a 90 sunshine OPC.

Hope This Helps
Absolutely Not I checked myself in and after a couple of days I feel better I found out they wouldn't sign me out until the Dr. let me I wasn't suicidal or a threat to anyone but I had virtuous Insurance and I found out thats how it works I'd NEVER do that again and I've heard one and the same story from other people. EVEN if YOU check yourself contained by BE CAREFUL

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