Why do repetative noise bother me?

I asked a similar question roughly speaking chewing earlier and someone told me i should post within the mental health portion, i am so happy at hand is a section for this motivation i didnt know!
Back to the question....
If someone is chewing or cracking gum, i achieve angry and have to plug my ears or hum! Loud crunches are the worst! Like commercials for pringles and stuff ...GRRRR.
Also my doggie licking his paw or anything else over and over again drives me insane!
My family is disgusted beside me and call me a spaz, What is wrong next to me?

I get extremely upset over many noise, not so much the repetitive ones but the unpredictable ones. E.g, someone at work has an IM that make noise when she get a message, and she gets lots of messages unsteadily during the day, I can't transport it. Random computer noises and stuff resembling that freak me out to the extent where I have to change my desk at work, etc. I cannot even listen to music surrounded by the radio because the songs will replay in my commander over and over again during the day and I won't be capable of concentrate sufficiently. For me, some of it is a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; growing up my father used to slam doors all the time and fly into a intensity unpredictably so I guess that's why loud, jarring noise evoke a startle response in me...Not sure why i hold such low tolerance for the softer noises... But, my point is, you are not alone contained by that...
ur a spaz
Because your a mom.
I used to like loud rock music, until I have my kids. Now, now process! Unless my kids arent with me. I close to more peaceful things. Id a bit look at a field and hear chute. Im only 26, Im gonna be a concrete drag when Im 50.
Listening to a dog licking his balls drives me up a wall. Pet owners are not bothered near this. I am the problem it seems.
perchance you've had some fruitless experience in your childhood, of which the nouns was something repetitive, and your brain is benign of comparing your memory to what you hear.

but i can't say your unexpected or sumthin coz i also go crazy when i hear iron clashing against iron, or forks scratch against plates. guess it's just plain human nouns for sounds.
I think we respectively have our own "noises" that come across to drive us insane. Mine is listening to those cough. I don't know why but it drives me CRAZY!! I hate cold and flu season for this principle. I know people can't back it but....... I don't know why this drives me so insane but....just know you are not alone beside a weird nouns driving you up the wall.
Everyone has different sensitivity to jingle and it is highly personal. I work at an airport and scarcely hear the aircraft noise but the guy next to the mower outside my office make me insane. Some people who live in the vicinity call our airport hum hotline constantly (why they moved near an airport is beyond me) and others aren't bothered by it and never ring.
You might be crazy.
well ur only just not tolerant u should try to ignore it
Same happen to me!! no idea!
You aren't the one and only one that this bothers. We have correct family member that things like this bother also. I can't stand to hear population smack their food, crunch, chew gum, or any repetitive noise similar to tapping a pen. I work where on earth I can have it undisturbed as noises bother me. My sister used to hear my brother grinding his teeth at dark and would go surrounded by his room and throw curlers at him to try make him stop. We would both drop him if he started crunching ice or drinking something that made a crunching noise. Both his wife and him crunch rime, and I cannot sit with them when they both start doing it within stereo. I have to acquire up and leave. Sometimes it bothers me more than others. One of my bosses is one and the same way, and he get upset if there are loud noise or repetitive noises also. Everyone is any a visual or an auditory soul when it comes to the way we process information, and that sense is more sensitive than the other. Some inhabitants are visually stimulated more easily than others.

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