Can I commit myself to a mental institution?

I've heard of populace who freely commit themselves there but is that something that one can really do? If so how much does it cost per morning? Would it even be covered by insurance since its voluntary??

If you think you might wound yourself go to any hospital and influence you need to see a psychiatrist.
If the psychiatrists think it is necessary for you to be hospitalized he will gross the recommendation. If you own health insurance read what your policy say.
Most cities and counties have low cost or free mental vigour services for those without a source of income.
In my state, you used to be capable of voluntarily commit yourself to a state hospital, but it wasn't like you only walk up within and do that. What would happen is you would be getting inpatient treatment and it wasn't working and you weren't stable plenty to go to a group home or something, so the doctor would recommend a state facility. You could agree to that, surrounded by which case it would be a voluntary commitment. If you disagree beside it, and the state succeeds in committing you against your will, to be precise an involutary commitment (which is what most people meditate of when they are thinking of commitment). Now our state has pretty much eliminate state hospitals in favor of local 16 bed hospitals that are supposed to hold stays to about 3 weeks or smaller quantity. These are supposed to be better than the bigger institutions that were of late closed. Truthfully, the state hospitals were an insolent, anachronistic system. Insurance did not cover state hospitals, when i was within one, briefly, they asked me about my assets. If I have been committed, the state could enjoy seized all my income and my property except for the few exempted items. It be several hundred dollars per day to be at an insolent institution that made things much worse. (in my state, private hospitals are MUCH better).

Usually nowadays within is a 72 hour hold, which is 3 business days of observation, or you can check into a local hospital as a voluntary lenient (but you may not STAY that way, I have a psychiatrist slap a hold on me even though I admitted myself. There are abuse in the system). The 72 hour hold is not a commitment. There are variation from state to state. We also have a 14 daylight hold (??I think it is 14?) for further treatment, but I dream up you have the right to a court audible range for that.
Why would you want to commit yourself to a mental institution?
Don't you realize the real crazy populace are out on the streets?
If you did commit yourself, you would probably prefer to stay in attendance because that's where the sane folks are.

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