Marijuana induced psychosis/schizophrenia?

About three months ago I experienced a very desperate trip on marijuana. It is very rock-hard to explain the feeling but it feel like go was a broken text (everything was repeating) I also feel very disassociated beside my self and reality. My body go numb. It felt similar to a part of me died that dark. A number of reasons could own caused my doomed to failure trip (enviroment, lighting, I was peer pressured and be worried about person caught) The following month was awfully hard for me as I experienced depersonalization/derealizatio... most of the daylight. This slowly went away when I well-read more about the condition, started taking cod liver grease, and comfort from my family. I seem to have recovered fully for the most chunk for a month. Last weekend I was invited into like peas in a pod basement i have experienced my trip. Again they were smoking and I really didn't want to be in attendance (I guess I easily fall down under peer pressure) Of course I did not smoke but I couldnt back to think just about my experience there... --- continued--

I assume you live surrounded by the united states. Anyway, Weed contained by other countries is used to help depression. So the weed didn't do that to you. It is a downer, it help you relax. I smoke a lot, almost everyday. And i find that same cloudy feeling sometimes. It's pretty middle-of-the-road because most people i know get hold of it also ( i myself am 16 btw). If it makes you self-conscious to be around then dont do it. It can be fun. It react different with different family. Different types of weed can make you perceive different then another type. I've never hear of weed being connected to schizophrenia. Im a pyschology buff, and i've done several research papers on schizophrenia. So let just speak i know my stuff, not like a pro, but i know what its in the region of. Weed doesn't cause a mental disease. I'd be freggin insane by immediately if it did. Just chill out. The stuff was probably lace with coke, i bet your heart started race and you got sweaty huh? Coke and Meth, two things weed get laced next to often, can mete out those effects. However, weed is supposed to make you consistency "good" and a dreamlike state is what your body does sometimes. Your not mentally sick, and it won't make you mentally sick. I also bet that it be your first time smoking, so now your worried because you don't know what you expierienced is run of the mill or not. Well it is. So chill the heck out and your fine dude.

If you don't wanna smoke though, then stay away from the relatives you know do it. Like you got invited vertebrae to the place, you should've known that thats what they be gonna do. If they're your good friends, next just win up and walk out of the room until they're done. or uncap a window. Be smart something like your decisions contained by life.

Peer preassure doesn't exsist. It's race trying to be something they're not so they don't get made fun of. You don't want to be the laughing stock of our friends, so you do what they do to fit surrounded by. Be your own person dude, don't be what everyone else surrounded by life requests you to be. If you continue to be everyones lil b**ch next you won't get far within life, I know thats a bit strident, but its the truth. Make your own descions and live for yourself not everyone else.
What happened to you back is a wake-up call and a alarm not to do this again. Please take better guardianship of yourself; face your enthusiasm without mind-bending drugs.
Don't verbs your life near drug abuse.
Similar findings from other team also highlight the connection between THC dose and the risk of schizophrenia-like symptoms, conference organizer Professor Robin Murray said.

β€œIt’s no longer a contentious issue. The expert community, by and large, accept that cannabis contributes to the onset of psychotic symptoms contained by general and the severe form of psychosis, schizophrenia,” he said.
you must enjoy smoked some laced weed. it is not supposed to engineer you feel close to that. it is supposed to make you relaxed, play your xbox 360, and get through a taco bell mexican pizza with a big brisk raspberry tea.
All that happened be you had a madness attack. I used to get them adjectives of the time. They are due to stress and nothing specific will trigger them. But weed will. I have panic attacks for 8 years and they only stopped. I also smoke weed every day own done all of the research. It is adjectives in your organizer. at the only other possibility is you could be allergic to weed, but the sense would wear off by the subsequent day. soooo I meditate it all contained by your head. Get over it
I be supportive with everything you hold wrote, and wrote so very okay. I don't have anything I could affix as an answer except that I have probably literary more from your question, so lift this just as a comment.

Thanks for the honesty, it help recovering people approaching myself.
Good question.

I've hear that hallucinagenic drugs like LSD can sort of trigger psychosis (the "trip" is sort of resembling psychosis anyway) in relatives who have schizophrenia or who enjoy the ticking time bomb of schizophrenia that has not surfaced however.

BUT -- marijuana didn't trigger schizophrenia for you the way you mingy it if I understand your examine accurately. If you heard voice, saw things that weren't there, believed irrational things (like aliens be after you, etc.) then you might own been experiencing psychosis. But de-realization and depersonalization alone don't outline psychosis. In fact, depersonalization is commonly associated next to mood disorders.

I have have your exact experience, twice. I couldn't stop thinking about every single distrustful or embarrassing I've ever experienced. It last a few days and gradually go away. But I swore never to do pot again or to even be around when other people be doing it. Not a moral judgement, I just know I instinctively can't handle it.

I should utter that I have pretty serious Depression, and possibly the drug triggered something. Who knows what the chemicals within our brains are doing or interacting with at any given time?

I hope this help. If your bad state of mind keep up, please see a doc in the region of a mood disorder, possibly depression, ok?

Good luck!
I had a similar experience beside weed and other drugs. I think the weed be def. laced next to something. when i was 14 i smoked sime weed and it be laced next to formaldehyde the stuff that moticians embalm deap people next to. That is the only time weed ever did it to me. It could be a sign that you aren't expected to be a druggie. I mean contained by retrospect that is the method i look at it iam not a druggie. i hope you feel better soon and NEVER do this again.
Just so you know... A recent British study have linked marijuana use ( moderate to chronic) to mature onset schizophrenia. It appears that surrounded by 85% of the cases studied of adult beginning schizophrenia marijuana may have be a contributing factor to the psychotic incidents.
Jennifer F is right. It sounds like you have a panic attack.

DO NOT do something surrounded by an attempt to "fit in" or "seem cool". Do not do something lately because your friends are doing it. And DO NOT do marijuana if you do not feel 100% self-conscious about using it!

Marijuana can motive paranoia. And if you are already worried or anxious before you use it, it will be paid you feel a LOT worse. But it sounds close to your own brain sent you on a bad trip (since you have another anxiety attack without smoking.

You involve to tell your friends that you get the impression really uncomfortable and worried man around them while they are smoking marijuana. Either you shouldn't go over to where on earth they smoke, or you should try to reassure yourself that there is no intention to panic when you are here.

To me, it sounds like you should not sway out with your friends while they are using.
You really hav a great deal to say give or take a few this, but I don't. It's simple: It's you. Not everyone is able to smoke weed and engender it a positive experience. Everyones' brain is as different as a fingerprint. Some people enjoy pre-existing mental conditions, you are one of those. It's not such a bad item, unless triggered by THC. I have never have an experience like that, neither have anyone I know that has smoked it.
So don't smoke it, peer pressure shows incapacity, so paranoia would go next to that. But it does show that marijuana alone could cause such conditions. I'm sure you're not the simply one, it's the same concept as "Happy Dunks" or "Angry Drunks", everyones brain react differently to different substances. I would seek mental backing if it continues at such a pace. Good Luck!

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