Come Down From Caffeine?

I gave up caffeine adjectives together about 7 years ago. Today I drank a pop and took 2 Excedrin to relieve with a migraine headache and very soon I feel horrible! I'm so wired and I'm have a hard time coming down from it. Does anyone enjoy any tips on making this edgy feeling stir away? Do I just call for to wait it out? Any design on how long it will be in my system? Thanks!

Drink'll help flush it out sooner.
i dont know dude when im resembling that i take sleeping pills lol
and next i drink so many pills i slip away out
but try drinking some cold water and put away somethign that must make u discern better
dont drink caffeine, those headaches are the worst. I enjoy the same problem and they will finishing like 2-3 days. I quality your pain but sleep and drugs are adjectives that will help. or you could drink some more caffeine but you eventually own to go through the headache to break the cycle.
You just own to get thru it...I would help yourself to some Nyquil and go to sleep If it be me...I am on and off soda's adjectives the time and I always remember why they first time I enjoy another one again after awhile.The caffenie migranies are very scratchy.
it will go away only a couple days dint worry around it i gave up sugar and i own a sour gummie worms
drink coffee

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