Why is one of my foot wider than the other?

Because many folks have asymmetrical bodies. That routine one foot wider than the other. Or one might have one ear lower than the other, differences surrounded by breast size, leg length, etc.
assuming it is not a natural episode (you being born beside one foot wider than the other-it is quite adjectives for your feet to be different)
it could be cause by one side being more dominant than the other-being you "push" past its sell-by date with one foot/put more mass on one foot/jump with one foot doing most of the work/etc. excessive use will manufacture one part bigger than the other side. I of late watched a tennis meeting (sorry don't follow tennis so don't know which one) but the guy who beat Roger Federer. his right arm be WAY bigger than his left arm-excessive use.
any way-it ain't no biggie, most people's feet are different from respectively other.

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