Why does someone die immediatlely after his throat is cut ?

You'll see this in lots of movies or video games. The hero sneaks up down a guard and cuts his throat. The guard is instantly incapicitated and can not yell for serve.

Wouln't someone still be able to live for like(say 30 min) ?

Why can't they yelp,(or can they.)?

Now, I'm not talkign about someone adjectives through the neck, merely slicing the "bad guy's" throat.

Is it possible for someone to live (at tiniest for a little while) after getting his throath sliced.

/*/ Not that I'm planning anything, I be just studying biology this weekend, and this give somebody the third degree came up to me.

Major artories are severed so you bleed out immediatley and you bring no blood to the brain. Also your voice chords also get severed making it so you cannot speak. Since blood is not competent to circulate properly your heart does not pump which stops the blood moving to your lungs which makes your lungs not work. Either instrument you die!
Of course they die immediately. The carotid arteries are severed. No blood to the brain and you'll bleed out almost forthwith.
30 minutes? are you kidding, or what?
It adjectives depends on where the blade pass through and how deep it go.

If it's kinda on the side and doesn't go that low, all that's going to attain cut is a few tendons and maybe some blood vessel. Then, the person would still enjoy their airways in tact and be capable of scream or howl and live for at least a touch until they bled to death.

If the cut is more contained by the middle, and a little deaper, and the airways are cut, afterwards no, they would not be able to screech and would probably die within a minute.

I guess the blades used contained by movies are just REALLY sharp or something. Otherwise how else could they decimate so easily? :)
When you slice someones throat it will embezzle about 4 minutes for them to bleed out. If the incision have severed the windpipe they will not be able to yelp only gurgle. And it could be possible to choke or drown on your own blood but still you will not die instantly. This is a explanation I dislike many movies.
Hopefully you stay on the rightous narrow road not the dark footpath lol
You will live long enough for your heart to pump out satisfactory blood for you to die. I have never see this with a human, but when you slaughter a hog, after you shoot him you hold to slice his throat to make him bleed out so the meat will not partiality bad and it solely takes a few second.

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