What is "bride's bladder"?

Answers:    It's also called the "honeymooner's disease". The vaginal wall lies extremely near the feminine bladder and urethra. For some women the act of intercourse exerts plenty pressure on the bladder that they easily achieve bladder or UTI infections. It's called "bride's bladder" or honeymooner's disease" because it's not extraordinary for women to suffer this condition after they first get married because newlyweds tend to enjoy sex frequently.
It's also commonly called Honeymooner's Disease, or Honeymoon Sickness. It is freshly a colloquial term referring to a bladder infection. The reasoning losing these quaint vocabulary is that women recently married are expected to hold a LOT of sex, and thereby leave themselves get underway for more UTIs.

The fact of the event is this: While more brides who were also virgins might experience more UTI distraction, UTIs are not isolated to newlywed situations. Anyone who does not cleanse properly or who DOES have like mad of sex (or anyone who has a bladder, really) is susceptible to a bladder infection.

If you own burning or pain during urination, see your doctor.

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