What are the potential consequences of poor practice surrounded by relation to the application of standard precautions?

Standard or Universal Precautions is term usually applied contained by medicine within relation to handling bodily fluids, particularly blood products.
Poor practice is not lately confined to obtaining specimens or contained by administering blood products, but also into disposal of implements used and in the identifications process contained by relation to the recipients and donors of blood products.

Mishandling or mis-identifying blood products could organize to fatal results any from blood borne diseases such as Hepatits B or similar, or from receiving blood of the wrong blood type. Standard precautions are in that to ensure that blood donors are clearly identified in lingo of individual numbers, that needles are single use and correctly disposed of, that samples are pigeonholed properly and that the right checks are made (by 2 trained staff), before any blood is transfused.

Should problems go down, the use of the standard precautions make it uncomplicated to track back and identify the source of the problem. Where an individual is particular to be a high risk haulier of a blood borne illness this is clearly identified although the specific bad health is not revealed to maintain confidentiality.

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