Would you please explain me what is TPOX?

It is about DNA conducting tests

TPOX is a locus found on intron 10 of human thyroid peroxidase gene. TPOX has 2 alleles that are duplicate and is used for DNA profiling. Others include CSF1PO, THO1, and vWA.

At the TPOX locus, since both alleles are the same in that is only one occupancy – pp or p[.squared.], which represents the combined probability of inheriting the allele 8 from each parent. Hence almost 28% of people enjoy the same TPOX genotype as does the evidence. It is to be expected that the proportion of TPOX 8,8 general public is still 28% even if attention is restricted only to society who have a focused CSF1PO genotype such as 10,11. Therefore the chance for a creature to have the combined genotype contained by the two loci is 28% of 16% – about 4%.

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