Snorting advil?

please help.

is this dangorous?
end in i think my friend is doing it.

what happen when you do it?

Advil is made of ibuprofen. This is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory used mostly for pain related to swelling, similar to headaches and common aches. It is not a narcotic and the with the sole purpose thing snorting it will do is deliver the drug into your bloodstream faster.
Your friend may be doing this because she know how the blood-brain barrier operate or she is doing it because she thinks s/he can go and get high. This is not true.

The adverse effects are constrained and rarely harmful. It depends on how much she is taking and how frequently. It's mostly just oblivious.

And please, don't listen to VampireHeart.
uhm YA!
if your snorting ANYTHING its dangerous
anything you're breathing in is going to your brain
deeply its like taking drugs
you get hold of a high from doing it
enlighten this persons parents
it could destroy her
im not kidding
becuase she'll probably jump to cleaning chemicals or something more toxic next
this is not a prank
she/he needs help out now!
why would you want to...i construe that it would be worse for you than swallowing it...its going to screw up your friends nasal passage and make it harder for them to breathe etc...also too much of advil is unsafe to the liver and other organs that are used as filters...confront your friend and give an account them to stop before they butcher themself

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