What *exactly* does a morgue assistant do? Salary, teaching for, etc.? As different than a medical examiner?

Please feel free to bring up any information give or take a few the job that I hold not specifically asked for (such as hours, internships, etc.), if you are privy to such information.

Also, notwithstanding the guidelines of NAME (name.org), how much work and what type of work (really!) does the assistant do (for less pay) as defiant the medical examiner/ forensic pathologist?


If you are really investigating this profession, you need to know that the occupancy "diener" (pronounced dee-ner) is used more often among folks in the industry. It have fallen out of favor due to the certainty that it is the German word for "servant" or "slave", and traditionally, many of the dieners be black men, and thus the term be deemed filthy. It is still quite normally used, nonetheless.

Dieners require no formal education, lone on the job training. They verbs and take clothing bad the body, they move it to the autopsy table. They prepare the instruments. In many places, they in fact cut the body open and remove the organs. In some office, the pathologist does that. In almost all places, they undo the head and remove the brain. They pretty much work like hours as the pathologists do, which in lots places is 8-5 with some weekends.

The pathologist dissects the organs, looking for disease or injury. He/she also prepares the autopsy report, and looks at the microscopic slides, signs departure certificates, and testify in court, contained by depositions and does a lot of public speaking. To be a pathologist, that requires completion of med college, pathology residency (5 years) and forensic path fellowship (1 year), contained by addition to ratification all sorts of national standardized test or board exams.

If you want something in between, near are four colleges in the US that set aside degree's programs for pathology assistants. Those are four year programs, after high academy. In many places, degree path assistants nick on much of the work, like examining surgical specimens grossly and select the areas for microscopic exam. They basically do much of the work, but the pathologist reviews and signs the report. Degreed trail assistants are hot property and you will always enjoy job opportunity.
In my years in pathology, the morgue assistant placed the body on the table and prepared the instrument tray. When I finished, he disposed of the bowel and sewed the other organs backbone in the body. He be essentially an orderly and his salary and training be of this kind. Taking a black man fresh stale the street he learned the brief in sometime.
In my experiences speaking with th techs, their pay packet is not very upright at all, (that coming from techs contained by both Baltimore and Pittburgh city morgues). The average salary be about $27,000, whereas the income for the pathologist was $120,000. Of course, the patholgist is a doctor near 7 years of schooling, ans the techs usually are trained on the job or hold minimal college education. The techs engineer the incisions and remove and weigh the organs, the pathologist dissects and analyzes them. Hope this helps, rob care!

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