Why is chest x-ray and ECG done prior to surgery?

The more information the doctor has, the better your likelihood.
The ECG is done to be sure your heart is stable enough for surgery. I would guess the x-ray is done because aspiration pneumonia is a frequent complication of surgery and they want to bring in sure your lungs are clear to begin beside. I developed pneumonia after my hysterectomy in February.
Because anesthesia medication can have lots side effects. If you have a specific abnormality call prolonged QT on your EKG, for example, certain types of anesthesia would be unhygienic and the doctor will choose another. Other heart conditions may be indications to use specific anesthesia or to even cancel the surgery altogether.
The chest XR is similar -- to make sure there is no underlying lung problem that would inflict increased need for oxygen, decreased/increased stipulation for ventilation rate, volume of nouns, etc. etc.
many test as those and bloodwork is done before surgery to produce sure that you are ok to proceed with the surgery. sometimes you can own a change surrounded by bloodwork, x-rays and ecg that could actually hurt a entity or kill them if any change are not caught. usually during the pre-surgery testing you can be fine, but when they set the date for surgery. change could have be in your form as being sick, a cold or bronchitis which can wreak breathing problems. they have to brand sure your going to be fine during the surgery.
Chest X-ray can show up issues like TB, where on earth the regular TB skin test is inconclusive.

I have the BCG as a child & now (nominally) question paper positive in TB test.

My chest X-ray shows about 3-4 pea sized nodules surrounded by my lungs & that's all. I have long-term exposure - my uncle had advanced TB, working a dairy tend in England, so it be vital to win quality information, prior to surgery.

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