Who discovered thermometer?


The thermometer was invented by Galileo Galilei contained by 1593. His thermometer consisted of water within a glass bulb; the river moved up and down the bulb as the temperature changed.
The hermetic thermometer was invented within 1641 by the Grand Duke Ferdinand II. He used a glass tube containing alcohol, which freezes all right below the freezing point of water (alcohol freezes at -175°F=-115°C). He hermetic the tube to exclude the influence of air pressure.

Mercury be later substituted for the alcohol, and consequently Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686-1736), a German physicist, used mercury plus a chemical solution that kept the mercury from sticking to the tube of the thermometer (in 1714). Fahrenheit also expanded the thermometer's scale (in 1724); on his go up, the temperature of boiling wet is 212°F and the freezing point of water is 32°F.
rectal or oral??
Isaac Newton
I meditate it was Gabriel Fahrenheit.
The first record thermometer was produced by the Italian, Santorio Santorio (1561-1636) who be one of a group of Venetian scientists working at the end of the Sixteenth Century. As beside many inventions the thermometer come about through the work of abundant scientists and was superior upon by many others.

The first mercury thermometer
Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686-1736) be the first person to construct a thermometer using mercury. The more predictable expansion of mercury combined with superior glassworking techniques lead to a much more accurate thermometer.
Just as an addition to what Highlander said, the thermometer wasn't discovered, but to some extent invented.
well the thermometer be not discovered it was invented! the being who invented it was Louis Ther Mometer! Hince the thermometer!
farenheight did the first mercury one

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