What is an EKG? What does it show?

EKG, or ECG, is short for electrocardiogram.

An EKG shows the electrical activity of the heart. By looking at the tracing, we are competent to see whether a patient have any abnormalities within the heart rhythm, or any signs of ischemia (heart not getting enough oxygen) or infarction (dead heart muscle, previous heart attack).

The EKG doesn't bring up to date us everything about the heart, though, as it is simply looking at the electrical activity. We also use echocardiograms, nuclear imaging studies and cardiac catheterizations to contribute us more information about the heart.

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Electro Kardeo Gram

Heart rhythm
Your heart rhythm
EKG means Electrocardiogram,
it shows the graph of the electrical voltage surrounded by the heart .
Also known as ECG, internationally, is Electrocardiogram,,
it measures the eletrical flurry of the heart - by means of the instrument and its probes.
The heart muscles function due to energy - so the norm of the electrical graph obtained (a print out) - represents the norm of the heart function.
Current in fact flows in lots cells within the body in the form of ACTION POTENTIALS. These cell include neurons, muscle cells, and heart muscle fibers (type 1 and type 2).

Heartbeat is initiated within the SA node, and travels from the SA node, through the cells of the atria, across the AV node, bundle of HIS, and purkinje fibers, and into the ventricles, cause the muscle fibers to contract.

The SA node, AV node, and Purkinje Fibers of the heart fire completely on their own. If the heart were removed from the body (and given proper nutrition) it could throb forever.

So, what an EKG does, is by voltage readers placed surrounded by various places, detects the current (ACTION POTENTIALS) moving from the SA node adjectives the way through to the ventricles. Each cog of the EKG cycle corresponds to a different part of the cardiac cycle.

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