Do your muscles relax when you die?

Is it true that when you die, all of your muscles relax? Does this be determined everything, icluding the sphincter and other such muscles that keep things contained by?
Eventually, yes. Immediately, maybe.

You sphincter muscles (bladder, rectum, ...) are kept tight by your jittery system. If it's not sending signals, they relax.

Other muscles (legs, arms, etc) begin to lock up at a predictable rate after departure. It's called rigor mortis and is commonly used to estimate time of death, though it's not an exact device. Muscles work by a series of chemical reactions, and after loss the chemical environment in which they operate change. For instance, the pH (acid/base balance) setting. The chemical reactions the muscles use to work are blocked, thus robotically locking down the muscles in the position they be in the interval just after demise.

Eventually, continued chemical changes and deterioration release any predilection of the muscles to stay in position, and they 'relax'.. They are within the midst of changing into non-muscles, unsurprisingly.
well you can hold spasms, but I think its true.. explicitly why everything in your bladder comes out when you die.. I hold actually see this happen.. I enjoy been surrounded by the room with dying race more than I really care to come clean.. but almost every time their bodily waste come out.
Yes they do.
yes..When someone dies you might here the term 'void bowels'..which funds they crap their pants..the muscles relax and release adjectives the acid and the skin starts to turn a purple/green/orange color b/c of the muscles..
Yes. Nothing moves when you die.
Okay Here We dance. Men? You all seize sewned to your left leg.Reguardless.Just within case you might want to stand up to attention.My mom does this for a living.It's call Imbalming.Sometimes the muscles try to talk vertebrae.Any more questions?
No. They are not relax, they are froze because there's no more blood circulation. It's not uncomplicated to move a dead arms or legs.
Your muscle gain relax when you're sleeping.
they don't. please refer to RIGOR MORTIS.
after death..
first in attendance is PRIMARY RELAXATION ... thats all of the muscles of the body relax. the chin drops.. the muscles of the eye relax.. theres pupillary dilatation etc etc...
but then nearby comes a stage of intense contraction called RIGOR MORTIS... this is due to ATP depletion. this is sooo severe that even a postpartum nativity can occur...

consequently after this there comes another stage of relaxation call SECONDARY RELAXATION.. this is due to the protein denaturation!

sometimes there is a state call "CADAVERIC SPASM" in which theres no primary relaxation!!.. but it finishes only like rigor moris n is follwed by lesser relaxation!

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