What's the easiest type of doctor to be?

dentist? dermatologist....etc.
Every type of doctor goes through duplicate medical school training (with a few differences contained by elective clinical rotation choices), so we all enjoy to work hard only just to get the M.D. after our name.

Residency is also hard. Some (like surgery) are harder than others, but they are adjectives a LOT of work.

If you're looking for something easy, stay away from pills. We don't want or need slackers. We want empire who are interested enough within what they are doing to work hard for it.
a check-up doctor...the ones who you progress to for a check up and if there's a problem with your vigour they refer you to a specialist pertaining to your problem, e.g. if you have heart problems, they refer you to a cardiologist or heart doctor.
Witch doctor.
Everything surrounded by the medical field is intricate... if you aren't willing to work thorny nobody will want to be your patient.
Becomming a Dr. can't be comfortable otherwise we might have plentiful more of them. I'm sure it's all relative too. Whats comes easier to one may be alot harder for another.....
There is no such entry as an easy type of doctor. They adjectives have to jump to school for 8 years and intern for at lowest possible 4, regardless of your speciality (at least medical doctors do). Maybe you'd be more suited for a art where you're not looking for the easiest means of access to earn your license.
Like Pangolin said, becoming a Doctor requires intense training and dedication. I got my Bachelors scope in Medicinal Biochemistry and I wasn't sure what do near it, so I worked at a hospital to get a hunch of what it was similar to to work long hours, and experience death closer than you ever have. I decided to run to medical school and I did pretty angelic. School gets harder, but if you motivate yourself and never pass up, you'll surely suceed! I did my residency and I decided to stir for Neurology. I'm still doing my fellowship, but I want to keep going. Striving for nouns is the same as embracing enthusiasm to the fullest!
In my coutry a dentist does a complete different career to tablets. Being odontologist is easier, you just do the teeth and no more it's rugged but never as hard as medication also it will never give you as much self-satisfaction.
You dont like tough work dont become a doctor, maybe you could become a nurse, dentist, nutriologist or an MUT but med-school is a spine-bracker and you take to do it rigth from the very begining or not doing at adjectives
If you are not sure nobody will blame you for not going there.
Nothing is flowing. They are all like.

Getting all A's and acknowledgment to the medical school is the hardest !
how around a Dr who doea not need to attend medical institution??
try Dr. Dolittle.... yea...i noe it's kinda lame...but u din specify wat type of dr u c... :P
never mind being a doctor if you are not intricate working.

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