What is the LD50 of Oxycodone? What are the acute symptoms of a hazardous overdose?

I had a knees reconstruction and used Oxycodone. Be warn it makes you Constipated and it become hard to wee. Also, spawn sure u dont take too much because it is fundamentally easy to suffer form debt symptoms. My symptoms were Shivering, consciousness cold and i had a particularly sore knee!
Some of the symptoms of an overdose: breathing will stop or it wil be reduced, slump into unconsciousness, your circulatory system will collapse, cardiac arrest ( heart attack) and eventually disappearance will occur. Look out for the skin to start going cold and near will be a blue tinge to the lips. This medium that they are not getting enough oxygen. If u suspect an overdose bring the forgiving to ED asap!
Hope that helped
50mg , plenty to make you terrifically sick, and wish you did not thieve that, dont get hooked on them they will ruin you miserable natural life, opps sorry, the signs are being terribly cold, sweating, and your heart will feel approaching it will come out of your chest, if you have a precarious overdose-see you in the subsequent life

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