My toe moves by itself [like twitches] and i don't formulate it do that.. why does it twitch?

like its wen im in recent times sitting. and then adjectives of a sudden my toe starts moving on its own. its so weird

see a doctor.
I could be a pinched sassiness in your foot. mine does it too.
This can come up sometimes when you are really tired, but don't know why.
did you quit or start smoking? or any other drug? or drinking?

Because these things cause it. If not after just simply nerves and it's middle-of-the-road.
mine does that too.even my eyelid,some parts of my arm,and sometimes on my leg.
I've had different parts of my body do that, especially my eyelid. Usually twitching is zilch to worry roughly. If you think it might be indicative of something wrong near you or it's hindering everyday goings-on, I'd get it checked out. Usually, however, twitching is typical and nothing to verbs about.
lol ha ha its only nerves but thats funny
It's out or the demons will pilfer over your body
My finger or thumb will do it sometimes. I think it's usually when I'm tired.
do you own big feet that may be the problem
I hear somewhere that twitching is the body sending a jolt of zest through that part of the body to stir it up. It happens most commonly when you are tired. I believe it think the muscle is shutting down of dying so it sends the jolt to obtain it working again. I'm not possitive on this.
Do you have alot of caffine? Perhaps see a neurologist.
hi.ur toes r supplied bloob by a branch of arteries.but if in attendance z any prob in..nerves that reach ur wil twitch sumtimes..but u can bring it under ur controll.but if it persist .n if u cud not bring it under ur in a Dr may be a neurological u hav any numbness? if yes thn it may be due to thrombus.sumtimes in severe cases..the limb wig giv a rough..shaky..n continous movements..witout control.bye tc!
you hold a nerve problem
depends on how outmoded are you
but anyhow if it does keep coming hindmost try to have some chief blood tests resembling electrolytes [CA,P NA,K ,]
have nice generous sandals that are not pressuring some nerves
don't set in one place for hours ,pilfer breaks every hour
and take proposal from your doc

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