What is a pulmonary toilet?

Can someone describe what a pulmonary toilet is and what the indications for it are? What therapeutic helpfulness does it have to a long-suffering?

Roughly, it involves removing excess fluids and mucus from your lungs or otherwise trying to make your airways more unscrew. You can pound on the chest (yes they really do this in the hospital) which loosens mucus or you can do something call "incentive spirometry" which is kind of a lung exercise. You breathe into a device next to a ball that bounces up when you blow. The intention is to blow hard plenty that the ball bounces greater. This is supposed to keep your airways instigate (by making you breathe forcefully), thus preventing something called atelectasis (a collapsed lung). Pulmonary toilet is indicated for patients who are acceptance artificial respiration (on a ventilator) or for surgery or other bedridden patients who may have breathing complications from lying surrounded by bed for prolonged periods. I own heard that incentive spirometry will prevent pneumonia but since explicitly caused by microbes, I'm not sure that is true.
Encouraging cough/deep breathing, incentive spirometry, out of bed to bench, chest PT, frequent suctioning (if applicable), etc.

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