I found a white oval shaped pill that say G 31 on one side?

What kind of pill is this; it be in my tablets cabinet. Is it a benzo or some sedative or what?

Don't help yourself to it if you don't know what it is. If you really need to know, transport it to the pharmacist, she can look it up in a directory of prescription, it'll be listed as g 31, and own a picture, and tell what it does.
Throw away, you don't know how prehistoric it is either
Throw it away!
Glipizide and Metformin Hydrochloride tablet - I deliberate (only think!!) its for use near dibetes!
I believe you'll find that this is :
Glipizide XL 2.5 mg
Generic Glucotrol

Used for treating Type II diabetes.
If it was surrounded by your medicine cabinet you should first check any prescription medication you have and see if it match (perfectly). If it does not match you should embezzle it in a amorphous to your local pharmacist. He/she should know what it is.
LMAO whenever I see questions close to this I always see someone contemplating wether or not to devour it.

But let me explain to you NO do not take it unless it be prescribed to you by your doc.

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