What happen to the body when somebody have taken an fatal overdose?

Could it be the brain shuts down first or the other organs start to fail continusoly? If a postmorten come out with the lungs undefected, how come they didnt go and get affected?

It sounds resembling you have a faddy scenario in mind, so here go.

People who use street drugs develop a tolerance to them, so they need bigger and bigger doses to "seize high." Sometimes they increase the dose too much and overdose. Another problem is purity. Average street drugs are with the sole purpose about 50% the actual drug, and 50% filler to increase the dealer's profit margin(although heroin have gotten much more pure recently.). When an user gets drugs from a different supplier, he might achieve a different concentration than what he's used to and unintentionally overdose.

Cocaine and amphetamines ("meth") are stimulants. An OD on them can rationale a heart attack, where the heart stops hitting, blood flow to the brain stops, and the person dies. It would not create any obvious lung reduce to rubble.

Most other drugs of abuse--opiates (heroin, oxycodone, vicodin, demerol etc.), alcohol, GHB, benzodiazepines (xanax, valium, clonapin) slow down the rate and/or depth of your breathing so you go to sleep and stop breathing. This cause lack of oxygen surrounded by the blood, and this causes brain blight leading to destruction.

Neither of these paths will lead to any visible defile to the lungs. Most of the damage is at the cellular even, so to the naked eye, the organs look majority.
plz mention overdose of what?
well it in truth depends on the drug itself. some drugs kill the brain, some the heart etc.. so when it hits a key organ, the whole body is departed
It dies..
Overdoses usually occur surrounded by drugs that are injected into the bloodstream. The drug would then step on to infect organs that are directly related to the circulatory system (like the heart, for example). For the lungs to be unaffected the personage would have have to die before nearby was any sprain done to them.
We need to know what thoughtful of overdose!
the body shuts down and begins to cool 2 degree per hour. Then rigomortis sets in and harden the body, then after around 10-15 hours of that, the body begins to loosen and moulder.
Like they said above:
It depends on Overdose of WHAT?
Different poisons act within different ways.
I think the organs shut down unhurriedly depending on the drug. some drugs attack some parts while others attack others.
I think it may depend on what drug be taken to overdose on.
Lungs would not be affected if the overdose be something that caused the heart to any speed up to the point where it wear itself out, or slow down to the point that it stops all together. I mull over most overdoses have to do more near the heart stopping than anything else.

it varies greatly dependant on the demanding drug as to what system fails beneath influence of the drug- some will effect the autonomous funtions (heartbeat, breathing), others are neurotoxic, others affect particular organs (Liver, kidneys).
Most of the time it is that here is so much that the heart and brain shut down in writ to handle the amount that enter blood stream.
I learned that from wellness class.
anything that you ingest too much of can be poisonous, even to much oxygen can cause you hallucinate, and possilby kill you, anyway, when you clutch a lethal overdose, your kidneys can't filter through adjectives the chemicals that you just ingested, and the rest of the chemicals become poisons, and eventually will travel through your blood stream and shut down adjectives vital organs.
The answer to this examine is dependant on the drug of interest. Our liver tends to purloin care of metabolizing drugs (including alcohol) within our bodies so they may be effectively excreted into the urine. When this happens, toxic metabolites are repeatedly formed. Radical molecules are often the result. These are unstable molecules beside free electrons which are able to bond next to many other molecules, and effect thier knack to function. Very few drugs effect the lungs, unless they're inhaled. The lungs have a extraordinarily good vascular supply, but the liver and kidneys would be first effect.
I seriously think you should start asking, and thinking, within a different direction! Maybe spending some time under the stars or looking at sunsets would be a dutiful start.

If this is more than idle curiosity I hope you sort things out and return with your life together soon.

If it is only idle curiosity I still hope you sort things out and attain your life together soon

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