Cocaine within eyes?

ok so me and my friend were tinkering near a firecracker, i was looking at it closely when a pice of the red powder go into my eye (very painful) and every time i would blink it was worse. so my friend have some eye drops he emptied the bottle of its untested contents, put some water contained by it along with some dissolved street cocaine (anesthetic) and told me to put some contained by my eye. and as you can imagine beside the pain i have, i did not hesitate. it get rid of the pain and subsequently i flushed my eyes with hose to got rid of the red little rock that fell within. NOW my question is, be my friend just trying to go and get me high or triying to support the pain. can you even return with high beside cocaine in your eyes, if so would it show up within a drug test? NO IM NOT A COKEHEAD
I would first own to ask, how much cocaine vs water be added? Cocaine is a powerful pain slayer, and if it's used right, will not get you soaring or addicted. I would imagine that some of it be absorbed into your system, but not plenty to do anything to you. I would not make a practice out of putting it within your eye, as you can eventually lose your eyesight. I would not worry something like anything. If you are worried about it, it should elapse out of your system with surrounded by 30 days, because I have a emotion that you did not ingest that much.
not likely, eyes do not hold stuff all that all right

your friend is still an idiot, regular eye drops would have done the trick too.
why suspect your friend of something fruitless? you were contained by pain and he help you. you sound approaching an ungrateful jerk.
cocaine is a topical anesthetic, so it be actually beneficial for the backache. Street cocaine, however, probably wasn't the best idea as you never know what it's be cut with.
This sounds similar to a bad hypothesis wrapped in a doomed to failure idea near bad opinion flavor additives. If your "tinkering" with firecrackers and something desperate happens and u resort to cocaine contained by your eyes.omg! Get your self together. and think nearly getting a new buddy!
No he wasn't trying to draw from you high and yes, cocaine is an anesthetic. It won't hurt your eye, if he didn't put too much contained by and I doubt if it will show up in your blood examination.
(Stay away from friends that have cocaine lay around their home)
He was surrounded by fact probably trying to aid you. Cocaine does have anesthetic characteristics. Lidocaine is a commonly used anesthetic when you draw from stitches for example. It probably would not show up on any urine based drug test or blood tests for that business. I am assuming you used a small amount. It also depends on what the concentration of the cocaine was surrounded by relation to what it was cut beside. I would still seek out an opthamologist anyway. One of cocaine's side effects is venous constriction. Your eyes are greatly vascular and very sensitive to a general variety of chemicals. You can enjoy permanent defacement that doesn't display for several days after the injury occurred. That be creative quick thinking on your friend's portion, but not the wisest. Next time use good infirm fashioned water to irrigate your eye for at lowest 15 min. Additionally, if something isn't labeled for opthalmological use, it doesn't belong in your eye. Period. Good luck and get hold of to the doctor.
I have never hear of being competent to get dignified from putting cocain in your eyes however i own heard of anyone able to return with high from putting drops of bitter in your eyes. ancestors will do some strange things to get their fix but i would read aloud that it doesn't work. if you didn't feel any different or hyped up later i would say that that myth is busted but i definitly wouldn't recommend trying it again to find out!
that be the stupidest **** you could have ever done surrounded by your entire life. powerfully one of the stupidest things. Did you forget to tell yourself that cocaine hydrochloride is one of the most expensive street drugs nearby is. Thereby more weight = more money. Did you overthink the reality that your friend didnt have JUST cocaine HCl? Are you not aware that when population sell powders labeled as cocaine your probably buying 75% cocaine and 25% adulterant. Your extremely lucky one of those adulterants didnt result in, perhaps perminant blindness. Idiot, plain and simple.
No, it's stupid but not completely unscientific. Nowadays you'd achieve tetracaine or some other 'caine, because the risk/benefit/side effect profile is better, but cocaine still has some medical uses as an anesthetic and vasoconstrictor. Its use have declined greatly because it's easier not to have it than to hold it and ensure that the coke-heads can't get to it, so lots places just don't bother any more.

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