Whats the difference between a Resident, Attending and an intern?

I'm watching Scrubs and Greys Anatomy and Bailey in Greys told Karev that Dr. Torres be a resident and she out ranked him. In scrub J. D was going from Intern to Resident. I'm not sure what the difference is.

An intern is a doctor taking training post as a member of the academic curriculum. The experience they are on are taken mortal a part of their bookish education.

A resident is holding a post graduate training. This vehicle the doctor who has achieve academic completion and graduate as a doctor can work as a resident.

Attending- if you will say attending doctor, it can be anyone who attended the long-suffering, though it could also mean the consultant.. The consultant is a doctoe who undergo specialized training or qualification and is directly responsible of the patient beneath his care. The intern and resident are working below him.

To make it clearer:
Training previously graduation is intern; resident after graduation; attending or consultant after specialization or after higher diploma.
i am not sure but would like to know
A lot of hospitals refer to the first year docs (fresh out of med school) as 'interns'. Some do not.to some, they're adjectives residents. Those that do, they refer to the doctors who have be out of school for at lowest possible a year or two as 'residents', thus, they would outrank an intern. An attending just refers to the attending physician at a given time or contained by a given area who is over the residents/interns.
why do u precision
a resident has finshed their internship (fellowship)
In a hospital, individuals with MD's are grouped into three common ranks. At the top of list are the Attending Physicians. These are doctors who hold completed their residency, are fully licensed in their specialty, and are usually within charge of a unit (including supervising resident training).

Residents are doctors who own completed med school (they are certainly doctors), and currently doing in-hospital training in a specialty nouns (like internal medicine, emergency medication, OB/GYN, etc).

Interns are brand-new MDs in their first year of residency. Most doctors serve one year as an intern doing rotations through adjectives the major unit in a hospital.

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