How long do you hold to live after your appendix bursts?

That depends on how big the "burst" is. A ruptured appendix means that the hollow finger-shaped appendage on your considerable intestine has become so swollen and inflamed that a hole develops to release the pressure, surrounded by the process releasing the bacteria from inside the intestine into your belly and the pus from the inflamed appendix. This seeds the outside lining of the internal organs and the lining of the belly (peritoneum) with germs and pus, casuing peritonitis. If the bacterial load is sufficiently small, it is possible that you might survive for days or longer (even entirely) as your body mounts a response to the infection and inflammation. However, usually the amount of substance is too large, and the peritonitis lead to a shutdown of internal organs, circulatory collapse, and death over a few days.
The most serious complication of appendicitis is rupture. The appendix bursts or tears if appendicitis is not diagnosed soon and goes untreated. Infants, immature children, and older adults are at matchless risk. A ruptured appendix can lead to peritonitis and abscess. Peritonitis is a treacherous infection that happens when microbes and other contents of the torn appendix leak into the tummy. In people beside appendicitis, an abscess usually takes the form of a swollen mass occupied with fluid and germs. In a few patients, complications of appendicitis can lead to organ let-down and death.
Probably until you lose adequate blood or gangrene sets in.
Less than 24 hours.
Probably a few days. It happen to someone close to me and she survived. She didn't even know it had burst. if you suspect anything of the sort turn or take your friend to the closest ER. They can lug an appendix out with lapriscopy in this day and age, but probably not if it bursts.
my appendix ruptured when i was 7 years elderly because i waited too long to walk to the doctor to see what was wrong...i be in stomach-ache for about 3 days..on the 3rd morning it ruptured..the 4th day we go to the doctor becasue i was contained by a lot more twinge than before..i go doctor early surrounded by the morning because i couldnt walk..the doctor sent me to the hospital for emergency surgery..i dont remember much of anything between the time i reach the hospital and the time of the surgery becasue i was pretty much passed out during that time from the cramp...but from what ive heard it took a while up to that time i was if truth be told having i go for about a light of day with a ruptured appendix...and tolerate me tell u its not much fun

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