Is your brain a muscle?

Nope !!

brain is not muscle..Muscles are fibrous tissues for production of movement or stablization of position plus a an type of muscles are there for pumping blood surrounded by the body , brain does not stand in any of this catogary but you can vote its control system for those muscles.its basically made of totally different cell called neurons...and its working is totally different from muscles cell.these are fast message transporting cell ! So no my brain is not a muscle its a totally different control organ !
i thinkit is yes
yes it is
no; no its isnt i believe its cabbages :p
No it's a brain. An organ.
Most brains exhibit a substantial distinction between gray matter and white thing. Gray matter consists of the cell bodies of the neurons, while white event consists of the fibers (axons) which connect neurons. The axons are surrounded by a fatty insulating sheath called myelin (oligodendroglia cells), giving the white business its distinctive color. The outer layer of the brain is gray thing called rational cortex. Deep in the brain, compartments of white situation (fasciculi, fiber tracts), gray matter (nuclei) and spaces packed with cerebrospinal fluid (ventricles) are found
Your brain is contained by a category all by itself.
yes it is
No it is an organ close to the liver.
Absolutley not!! Your brain is made up of completley different cells than muscles.
Most peoples brains aren't muscles but neurons and other tissue. However I do enjoy brain power.LOL
Brain is a bulging of nerve.

Muscle made up of myocyetes.
Brain made up of neurons.
Your brain is primarily made up of brain cell, which greatly differ from muscle cells. The brain is an organ, purely like your skin, or liver but it is not a muscle. Muscles enjoy the structure to be able to use lots of the body's stored gusto to produce work and absorb shock/stress. The brain doesn't really produce one and the same kind of "work" as muscles. It interprets the information our senses bring, and sends signals to other parts of our body to produce a physical sensitivity to them.
Mine isn't but I've met people contained by whom I wonder.
No, neural tissues and muscle tissue are wildly different. Just look at the structure of a myofibril.
LOOL its a Organ!! It controls every cell surrounded by your body, the heart is a muscle it think your confused sorry...X
The brain is an organ.
its an organ
NO, the brian is an organ.
no, brains are made of neurons.
Did you ever have a feeling your brain contract and relax????!!!

No your brain is hopefully made up of nerve cell (neurones) and fat cell sorrounding the neurones for insulation.
we rack our brains do brain exercises and have brain tonics,
we hold ideas from our brains that can move mountains and break barrier.
Yet the brain is not classified as a muscle!

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