Why is a speedball sometimes homicidal?

Speedball is a drug term for the mixing of heroin and cocaine. This is a potentially toxic concoction: the cocaine acts as a stimulant, raise the heartbeat, but its effects wear off more at a rate of knots than those of heroin, which in turn slows the heart. As a result, it is possible to experience a delayed "overdose" (technically, severe respiratory depression) when the stimulant wear off and the full effects of the heroin are feel in isolation. The possession may be applied to the simultaneous use of any opiate drug with a stimulant, and methamphetamine have been used surrounded by place of cocaine.
injecting a combination of two extremely powerfull drugs directly into your bloodstream is going to be risky.
The 'upper' in the speedball act faster than the downer and can make the heart tempo so fast that it loses it's rhythm. It's call ventricular tachycardia and can lead to an arrhythmia/ heart attack.
because it kill you
b/c its drugs.2 of them at that.altering your body in any route is risky
ohh, bad **, rollercoastering! your heart don't know whether to speed up or slow down, too much strain on the heart!

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