Recluse Spider Bites?

I saw a lady next to a bandage on her chin. She said she be bitten by a brown recluse spider and that it laid eggs below her skin. Is this possible (the egg laying, not the biting)?

no it is not, spiders cant lay eggs lower than your skin because 1: skin is to thick for a spider to create an space, 2: not right atmosphere, and 3: COMMON DUDE USE UR COMMON SENSE
I think she be pulling your leg.
Most recluse bites develop on the hands and foot as well.
No it doesn't work that mode.

Bite - yes: Egg laying - no

You can read more below:
in attendance is no way they laid egg contained by her chin since it would take longer than a few second to lay them and she should have feel the bite in the first place even if she be asleep.
not likely, but it can grounds the flesh to die, which looks like spider eggs. Spiders across the world don't lay eggs if they have to bite the personage
NO: 1. Spiders don't lay eggs under the skin. They lay them surrounded by nesting sacs.
2. Recluse spiders tend to be importantly venomous, I'm not sure someone would survive a bite to the face. Possible I don`t know, likely probably not.
It is outstandingly unlikely. Spiders do not lay eggs in the skin of any living or insensible creature.
The brown recluse injects a toxin beside its bite that cause necrosis of soft tissue and treatment is a cavernous debridement of the bite. No eggs.
Highly unlikely!

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