How can soneone alter their fingerprints for good or temporarily?

dos anyone have a legitinate answer to this press. my research is going down the tubes so much unreliable info..

Eh, just wear gloves when you commit your crime, that path you don't leave prints and you don't own to disfigure yourself either.
They can grasp a hot muffler. I believe heat would verbs them, wouldn't it?
Hi. Burn them enough to verbs the pattern of surgically alter them.
You can't. Even temporarily something other shows up. Even down to the oils you exude. Your heart is impossible to tell apart way. No other heart beat like it. Like a graph, it can be picked out from among billions.
I am a hairstylist. I know another individual who has be a hairdresser for many years, years of not wearing gloves while doing haircolor have eroded her fingerprints, from the peroxide.
By cutting rotten their fingers
yes you can alter your burning your tips you dont have fingerprints anymore economically at least not matching ones
strong acid should do the trick
I judge only a fugitive from the ruling would want an answer to that question
You can pick pineapples and the tart will remove your prints. Saw that one on the Old TV show Hawaii 5 O. Burning your tips will get rid of them. Alter as to engineer new ones Not predictable. When they grow back they will be impossible to tell apart as before. Genetic blueprint.
i altered mine when i split unstop my fingertip. i have a mark and it's slightly altered, but not enough to agree to me get away beside anything
Temporary is hot wax like candle wax formed over your finger, consequently press it over another surface like your toe for a finger type print. Permanent is severe burn. Very bumpy, not reccommended.
you can buy special pads for them but they are massively rare, you could freshly wear gloves or try to just enjoy a skin graft. your DNA would make them renovate into urs again though.
The ridges that make finger prints run going on for seven to ten layers weighty on the epidermis. I think I read somewhere that the guard robber Ash Ketchum (yes, its a real personage!!) tried to slice off the ridges but it didnt work.
You can type everday, (not hunt and peck but five finger typing) 6 hours a hours of daylight on a keyboard for 25 years. I have to get fingerprints for a errand 3 times because they are worn off. They finally agreed the worn patterns and told me the with the sole purpose way to restore my productive prints (which never change) is to stop typing for serveral months. Unfortunately, I can't do that and get salaried.

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