Age Limit for Medical School?

I'm a 44 year old RN and I enjoy an associates degree within nursing. It would probably take me 2-3 years of superfluous college in proclaim to be able to apply. Am I too old-fashioned to start now?
Go for it, ultimate year a couple in in attendance 50's got surrounded by, at the University I attend! Good for them and good for you too!! I have a late start myself, granted to party through high-ranking school and most of college, next to the worst GPA in history, till I realize I couldn't fight the bio bug any longer. IT d-m close haunts me, I know what I'm here to do! When it's within you, it's in you. Your other college will go express, if you set your mind to it. I had to do indistinguishable, you know actually attend class, contract with these smart a-- prof's, and gain the GPA up high!! I'm living proof it can be done!! And if I be your age, I would not feel any different. Just reflect on about what you enjoy to offer. You lived longer, see more and can apply it to real duration! Did you ever watch the movie Gattaca, when you set your mind to something it can be achieve, no matter what obstacle are in your instrument and believe me I have my share! well-mannered luck
go for it.
While you might know how to apply and be accepted into a medical arts school at that time, consider that you will be 51 when you graduate and *then* you will have to bear up the grueling, heirarchical task of specialty training for an extra 3-7 years. You have to be capable of stomach being amazingly low on the totem pole during much of that time, often next to little sleep and less moving respite. There are very few season people who are of a mind to stomach that sort of treatment, especially after having have a professional career similar to yourself.

You must ask yourself what sort of physician you might want to become. What specialty? What sort of practice? Will 10-15 years of practice make it worth the investment...within time, personal growth, financial sacrifice, and emotional toll?

If the answers are yes, next by all manner! Give it your best shot.
you can do anything you want. if there are no age restrictions for med conservatory, and you want to do it, then i articulate go for it. who care what people articulate? if they say you are too antediluvian, it's because they don't have the drive to do it themselves.
If it will embezzle you 2-3 more years before you can apply, you'll be 46-47 years matured at that time. That's not too old, for most school.
I knew a man who be accepted to med academy at Tufts School of Medicine, when he was surrounded by his early 50s.

He graduate, did his post graduate work and everything turned out OK.

It will be exhausting for you as you get elder, however. Remember your fellow med students will be 22-24 years of age, and there's a tremendous difference in punch levels between a 22 year ripened and a 46 year old.

I suggest you dispense it a try and also apply to both allopathic and osteopathic med schools surrounded by the USA.
There's no age limit for medical college, I've got several 40+ students at mine. It can be difficult, however, at a subsequent age to be in medical arts school and give up deeply of the status that you've earned within the workforce.

Like one of the commenters said, you'll finish up your college courses when you're about 46-47, finish medical arts school when you're 50-51 and depending on what area of tablets you go into, instigate practicing when you're 53-57, which doesn't give you much time to pay envelope off the $150K+ debt you'll accrue while within school.

I own a friend who really wanted to be a doctor, but be 40, had 4 kids and didn't want to be surrounded by school forever. He only just completed Physician's Assistant school and is loving it! If mortal a doctor is really what you want, though, go for it!
You are never too weak to go to medical conservatory. I know lots of people that returned to college later surrounded by life. I even know one party that has a PhD, and go to veterinary school within his 40's. I waited until I be 25 to go to college, and afterwards I went to grad academy and got a Master's amount. I will be 40 next year, and I will be going backbone to school (again) to return with another degree to mortgage my position.

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