What's the average hospital stay after brain surgery?

I was spinal column at my government mission, the very subsequent day.
That will depend on the complexity and the neurosurgeons wishes. near are/will be test required to acertain the response of the lenient after surgery. avg maybe two weeks. It's a armour by case senario....added entry. our dept was mostly concerned beside epilepsy and as such did much research under NIH grant. one patient be my nephew, who had recordings done on gear i built. today he is a RN and doing fine. previous to that i be the eng tech for OB-GYN. Always do good beside your talents!
"Brain surgery" is a pretty broad category.

Are you referring to craniotomy? If so, for tumor or aneurysm? If tumor, what type and location? Or, probably, stereotactic biopsy? VP shunt or revision thereof? Evacuation of subdural hematoma?

The other things to consider are the underlying pathology for the brain surgery, along with co-morbidities. Many populace having brain surgery are sick, sick relatives. Lots of them stay in the hospital rather a while. If the surgery is to relieve pressure on the brain after a traumatic injury, they are going to be in the hospital for a LONG time, as dead set against someone who comes in for a biopsy, who may be discharged within a day or two.

I haven't see outpatient brain surgery (yet) - and Gamma Knife doesn't count - it isn't surgery.

I did find stats for Cleveland Clinic, and you can see them here:

It looks like uncomplicated brain surgery patients stay within the hospital for about 4-5 days. They compare that to a national average of 7-8 days.

Hope that help.
As the others have said, it adjectives depends, not only on what procedure is individual done, but if there are any individual complications. I enjoy Arnold Chiari Malformation and had decompression surgery surrounded by 2003. (Medical terms-suboccipital craniectomy, laminectomy of c1 and c2)

My procedure was uncomplicated and reclamation was uneventful. In the best overnight case scenario (as mine was) the hospital stay can be as little as four days. I had surgery on Wednesday and go home to recover on Saturday. I be ambulatory and withstood a two hour road trip with no problems.

On the flip side, some of the other Chiari patients within my support groups were contained by the hospital for up to two weeks or more, especially if infection developed, or if there be a need for a second procedure (shunt placement, dura seepage, etc.)

So, it would be safe to assume a hospital stay would be somewhere surrounded by the neighborhood of a week or two. You might want to find a support group for your particular condition and ask the patients that hold "been near, done that". The hospitals and doctors can tell you doesn`t matter what they want, but the patients know best. Good luck to you!


PS I was at the Cleveland Clinic...apt doctors, not so good facility. Email me if you want to chat more.

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