Is in that a differance between human antibiotics vs animal antibiotics...?

Is human doxycycline the same as animal doxycycline..?
very well the main different is that one of them if for human and the other one is for animals and animal bodies and human bodies are munificent of different so they would probably react differently to the one explicitly not for their species but as you know we are in the animal dominion so I guess there shouldn't be much of a difference
it's adjectives about the testings. human antibiotics are sophisticated quality and dosage,but they are largely basicly the same.

immediately this is what i know but this doesnt mean that you should jump take the pills of your dog :) near may be consequences.
Since I have never hear of what you mention I cannot give you an accurate answer. BUT I can enunciate that from my own experience with my dogs yes they gain the same meds as family. I had a dog (had to put her down) but this dog have diabetes. I had to shoot her twice a daytime with insulin. I get the insulin as well as needles at the local pharmacy.
They're almost exact. My cousin is a Vet, and I'm a nurse, and we laugh, he save animals, and I help recover people. I shift to his practice, and truly the drugs are so close, you wouldn't know the difference. ~~~
They are the same. The dose surrounded by animals may be different though.

I work within a pharmacy and I've seen prescriptions for dogs. We use equal medications that we make available to humans.
Yeah, that time when my crocodile had an infection from a snakebite.Hehe...I don't even own a crocodile friend
Once scientists start analyzing the nature and the differences of animal immune systems, within will we have a chief pharmaceutical breakthrough. Oh yeah, I forgot: they've been doing it adjectives along...

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