Who's judgment should i give somebody a lift MD or a ct scan reader?

ct scan shows interstitial fibrosis from coal dust the lung doctor dosen' believe it who to believe?
Okay for clarification I will say the following, the personality performing the test is usually a technician. This party 'usually' has no certificate to 'read' a test. Now once the CT scan is completed the descriptions will be handed over to a Radiologist (who is an MD) who will after 'read' the results and pass his findings to your regular doctor.

Now what I might suggest would be to win a second opinion. Get a copy of your CT scan and run them to an independent doctor/radiologist. See what they say.
I know it's inconvienient, but desire out a third opinion. Perhaps an internist.
i would find another medical opinion from a specialist,,,,,
If it be me or someone I loved, I'd go and catch a second opinion from another MD. If two or three MD's come rear saying alike thing next it's probably a case of "jump to conclusions" by the technician.

Never be hesitant to capture a second opinion...especially when dealing next to your life!
If the CT scan tech told you that you can sue him for medical malpractice and practicing tablets without a license. They are not trained to net diagnosis only MD can do that. See what happen? He did and now you're paranoid almost something that probably isn't even there.
economically...a ct scanner is never trying to lie to you...it IS prvoen that if you own an HMO or Medicare, your plan actually pays sour your doctor not to test. Basically, if the doctors focus you have something, they'll try to oral exam you, but it's expensive, so an HMO plan will give the doctor not to audition for that so the HMO will actually recover more money. A ct scan will is not able to be remunerated off, and they won't try to feign for money, it's a computer, it doesn't need it.

My suggestion: Get a second belief, go next to the ct scan becuase it might be better to be safe. Diseases are treatable individual when it is treated early.
You should believe surrounded by MD. The Doctor must be finding the other complications associated with this fibrosis. Some times it may arise that ct scan is wrong due to some technical error. Show this CT scan to your Doctor and ask his suggestion. Get another ct scan done. Confirm it with the other Doctor.
bring a biopsy for confirmation or ..

get a second judgment
I would contact an independent 2nd opinion. Even if you own to pay for the intital call round - your peace of mind is priceless.

No idea why this site list CT Scan at #4 & #8 but it did so maybe in attendance is a need for further carrying out tests down the road...
Diagnostic Tests That May Be Used to Identify Pulmonary Fibrosis or Interstitial Lung Disease
1. Blood Tests
2. Pulmonary Function Tests
3. Chest X-ray
4. CT Scan
5. Bronchoscopy
6. Bronchoalveolar Lavage
7. Lung Biopsy
8. CT Scan
Good Luck to you.
TAKE IT FROM EXPERIENCE.. A CT scan reading could vary depending on who the radiologist is. It could be read by a DO or MD radiologist so as a result would the DO or MD radiologist be more credible and reliable?? It is always a correct idea to grasp a copy of the CT scan on a CD disk and sent it stale to a neutral radiologist if you enjoy any doubts. Sometimes doctors don't even know what the radiologist is trying to state - so do your own research. Also, CT scan & MRI's with contrast/injection are more credible/reliable than those short injection. Make sure the radiology center is straight with adjectives ducks and reading the ct scan correctly and following the doctor's prescription on what body parts to scan and if the doctor ordered contrast or not because sometimes the radiologist centers do not follow the doctor's prescription and if you enter into the radiology center with a plausible expectation of having a ct scan done on a secure area and consent to those areas next services need to be rendered if not they should not charge you for the ct scan or the insurance because if they do that is classified as insurance fraud. Contact a mixture of radiology centers and request for them to review your disk - they usually charge or some will do it just for literary purposes. Also, is this due a malpractice case or work injury, if this is the issue within is a strong possiblity that the doctor will not side with you due to scare of becoming involve and serving as an "EXPERT." Doctors fear this and miserably it is at the patient's well-being expense. Ask your doctor why he doesn't believe this and if this is the issue that he doesn't believe it ask him for a more detailed exam which would provide better clarity such as an MRI with contrast. However, I doubt it if he give it to you. Ask him what are his "Sources" for not believing the radiologist? And, ask your doctor if he is also Board Certified as a "Radiologist" if not ask him to please inventory his sources.
unless that ct scan reader is a certified radiologist, "an expert", I would go next to the md...and a second, third , or more opinion
The "ct reader" is a radiologist, and a radiologist is an MD. So is the pulmonologist that you are seeing.

There are probably other test that can be done to confirm/deny youre diagnosis, so talk beside your pulmonologist before seeking a second judgment.

But you are entitled to a second opinion. That would be a second feelings from another pulmonologist. A radiologist doesn't give diagnostic opinion.

If you do end up seeking a second belief, make sure that it is from a pulmonologist who is adapted with the form problems of miners. Not all of them are.

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