What is renal cortex thinning?

My sister has be suffering from depression and thus has be through some extensive testing. The types of trialling that she underwent are blurry to me as the information I am receiving is hand-me-down from my mother. The doctors have placed her on Lexapro and Provigil. Provigil is a wakefulness medication prescribed for listlessness and narcolepsy.

My mother received in the post a latter stating that my sister may be suffering from renal cortex thinning and an appointment with a specialist be made for her. The letter, however, did not state what renal cortex thinning be and my mother is a bit concerned and is unable to contact a medical professional at this time to inquire just about it. I am not certain whether the renal cortex thinning have anything to do with the look into for answers regarding her depression or if this simply appeared surrounded by their search.

After using prod engines, I was unqualified to find good information relating to the topic. If anyone could detail me a bit about renal cortex thinning, symptoms, and prognosis, it would be fundamentally helpful. Thanks within advance.
The renal cortex is the outer portion of the kidney between the renal medication and the renal medulla. It forms a continuous smooth outer zone in the developed which extends down between the pyramids. It contains the renal corpuscles and the renal tubules except for parts of the loop of Henle which descend into the renal medulla. It also contains blood vessels and cortical collecting ducts.

The renal cortex is the cog of the kidney where ultrafiltration occur.
Who the hell is sending you a letter suggesting "renal cortex thinning" might be responsible for your sister's problems?

If it's not a question paper result from a doctor's office or hospital, trash it.

Renal cortex thinning is the result of chronic medical renal disease. It's not responsible for anything on its own.

The single way to let somebody know if you have a thinning renal cortex is next to ultrasound (and possibly CT or MRI). If the renal cortex measures under 8mm (10mm is the criteria used by some facilities), consequently it is considered thin.

Typically, it will be see in patients who also enjoy an elevated creatinine level (found through blood tests), which suggests long-term kidney dysfunction.

The push button to treatment is not fixing the thinning cortex, but finding out what is causing the kidneys to enjoy problems.
I am unsure of the metablism of Provigil, but Lexapro is hepatically metabolized and would have little to do near a renal problem.

If you have a medical interrogate and can't talk to your doctor, ask your pharmacist. The pharmacist will cheerfully explain medical conditions to you, and could tell you if the condition is related to the medication she is on. The doctor's office should know how to tell you why they suspect the condition, however, if they go through the trouble of sending a letter.

Just FYI: if you want specific information, you can call for the doctor's office, a short time ago don't give name (yours or hers). As soon as you give name, they are limited contained by what they can tell you because of privacy law, as you are neither the patient nor her parent/guardian. You can nickname and ask why they would send such a notification (just generally and theoretically), or your mother or sister could christen and they could tell them specifically almost her case. If a doctor can't come to the phone, see if you can converse to a physician's assistant or nurse.

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