What does MD stand for after a doctor's designation?

For example it could be John Doe, MD, FRCSC.what does the MD represent??
Medical Doctor
Medical Doctor.

Or, in some cases, I guess it could stand for Marijuana Dealer, LOL!
murdering doctor lol
it stands for "Medical Doctor"
Medicinae Doctor
medical doctor
mandatory divinity
Myopathic Doctor who learns more just about muscles than bones which would be a D.O or Osteopathic Doctor
doctor of medicine
Medical Doctor
MD does NOT stand for medical doctor, although that's the adjectives interpretation.

MD is a Latin abbreviation, Medicinae Doctor. Its English translation is "Doctor of Medicine". Similarly, a PhD stands for Philosophiae Doctor, or "Doctor of Philosophy", not "Philosophical Doctor". We don't use Latin much anymore, so we assign the junk mail a reasonable English equivalent "medical doctor". Technically though, the latin decree is correct,

By contrast, the Doctor of Osteopathy degree (a much newer degree), follows the English decree since it was created contained by the 1800s, when Latin had lost some (but not all) of its preeminence. Thus, it is abbreviated "DO", not "OD"
Medicinae Doctor, Doctor of Medicine
Massive Debt

p.s. I'm not a Doctor

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