Can THC show up contained by a drug check from prescription drugs?

Unfortunately Ranitidine (Zantac) shows up in urine as a false -positive for Cannabis. This have meant that individuals fail drug test through using it - it is best to avoid it if you are subject to random urine trialling for drugs. This is the main one that I hold come across through my work - however the site below indicates a whole array of products which may cause problems depending on the sensitivity of the try-out.
Not unless your pills contain THC! I really doubt that this could happen. If you did seize a positive test and you haven't, it's simply a false positive. Ask them to redo the tryout.
Yes, if not thc consequently others can show up especially from painkillers.
Yes since a large array of OTC and BTC drugs contain THC.

How going on for you don't somke pot, that way you don't own to worry what the experiment says.
THC is not one that you will find surrounded by any prescription or over-the-counter meds, unless, of course you hold a medical prescription for marijuana! Sounds like what ever you used to flush out your system didn't work. Don't smoke weed, and you will overrun your drug tests.
I believe thc is solitary found in marijuana.
I suppose at hand is a drug that contains thc but doubtful you can get it minus being a cancer long-suffering. I think it's a significantly controlled rx.
There are quite a few prescription drugs contain tetrahydrocannabinol. There is one drug call Sativex. It's commonly sold in a spray form, and is used to alleviate the aching in Multiple Sclerosis patients. There's another THC-containing prescription drug call Marinol, and is used anorexia in AIDS patients, and nausea and vomiting of patients going through chemotherapy. Both of the drugs I mentioned are FDA approved. I doubt that you enjoy any of the diseases for which THC can benefit you. Therefore, I suggest you come up with a really honourable reason when your parents and the doctor ask you why you tested positive.
I am an MD. There is a prescription drug call "Marinol" which is pure THC. There are some other drugs that can give a "false positive" but most competent labs will dispatch a positive screen for confirmation using gas or soft chromatography, which should eliminate any doubt.
All the drug test I have have to take ask you to inventory any current medications you are taking. If you are on one of them, it will show up. If not, later you are busted!!
it can

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