Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000?

Im trying to help my daughter next to her math but cant remember how to do this without using a calculater. I want to train her how to solve it without using a calculater because she doesnt draw from to use one in college. What is the formula for this? example: 8.7 x 100, and 7.8 divided by 10.
When multiplying by 10, 100, 1000, etc., count the number of zeroes and move the decimal to the right that several places.

8.7 times 100 move the decimal right 2 places since there are 2 zero . To do this you will need to incorporate another zero and draw from 870.

To divide, just move the decimal to the not here the number of zeroes you own. So 7.8 divided by 10 is .78. Again if you need to you can annex zero.
in multiplication, for every 0, move the decimal right one spot, i.e.

8.7*100 = (move the decimal right 2 spots for 2 0's) 870.

within division, for every 0, move the decimal left one spot, i.e.

7.8/10 = (move the decimal gone 1 spot for 1 0) 0.78
8.7 x 100 = 870. The decimal point moves no. of times to the right side as per the no. of zeroes (Multiplication).

7.8 / 10 = 0.78. The decimal point moves no. times to the moved out side as per the no. of zeroes (Division).
Yeah, it essentially is just jump around the decimal point. Show her where the decimal is on unharmed numbers though, so she doesn't get confused (IE - 8. )

From in that, it is just a concern of jumping the decimal point base on the problem. Multiplying by 10, 100, 1000, etc. means move the decimal to the right (since multiplying make the number bigger). Dividing by 10, 100, 1000, etc. means move the decimal to the not here (since division means dividing into smaller portions). The amount of digits to move is equal to the number of zero.
Multiplying (move decimal to the right) by 10 (one zero)
Multiplying (move decimal to the right) by 100 (two zeroes)
Dividing (move decimal to the left) by 1000 (three zeroes)
And so on...

Repetition helps to retain this too. Best of luck, and fitting to see a parent taking interest in her child's studies.
one opening to do this is to move the decimal point a certain number of places to the right or not here. since the decimal point is a tenth of one unit moving it to the right or not here one place gives you like answer you would get by multiplying or dividing by 10.

to multiply by ten, you move the decimal to the right one space.
to divide you move it to the not here.
for any other multiple of ten you move it the same number of spaces that within are zeros surrounded by that number ( 10 = 1, 100 = 2, etc)

for example:
2.0 x 10 = 20
in duplicate way:
2.3 x 10 = 23

100 / 10 = 10
contained by the same passageway:
120 / 100 = 1.2
in equal way:
7.8 / 10 = .78
for every zilch on the end of a number by which you are multiplying, move the decimal one place to the right, totalling zeros if you must.

8.7x100, for example: 100 have two zeros on the train, so I move the decimal place to the right twice. 8.7x100 = 870.

If you are dividing, you move the decimal to the left.
7.8/10 = 0.78
7.8/1000 = 0.0078

I would call upon this more of a math question than a drug question.

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