Can brain aneurysms dissolve?

No. A brain aneurysm is a weakness contained by the side of the blood vessel, causing a pouch to form. The pouch is usually much weaker than the rest of the blood vessel, and the jeopardy is that it will rupture (break open) and you'll bleed into your brain (which is bad).

They are not likely to resolve (get better on their own). Some may be watch, and others may be fixed. That is a decision for a neurosurgeon to product.

To fix them, they either put a coil inside the blood vessel to clot past its sell-by date the aneurysm, or go into the skull and put a clip on the outside of the aneurysm.
Brain aneurysms are distended blood vessel. When a blood vessel starts swelling and bulging, that would be an aneurysm. For an aneurysm to "dissolve," that would be as bad as it bursting. If by dissolve you aim, go away, or as a doc might ring up it, "resolve itself," that would be good, even though it's unlikely.
Aneurisms can't dissolve, because approaching the others said, they are where a blood vessel have become widened (picture a snake who have swallowed a tennis ball). If the vessel bursts, the blood leaks into the brain and can snuff the person (this is call a hemorrhagic, or "brain bleed" stroke).

What CAN sometimes dissolve is a blood clot that has blocked bad a blood vessel. There are drugs that can help the blood clots dissolve, but they own to be given very soon after the personage has a blood clot block sour a vessel in the brain (a blood clot within the brain vessels is call an ischemic stroke, or "brain attack). If they can get rid of the clot beforehand part of the brain dies, the personage does well and will (at tiniest partially) recoverl. If not, the person can't use that division of the brain anymore, and depending what part of the brain it be, it can do different things to the person.

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