Sterile surgical catgut?

What is sterile surgical catgut?, how it is made, raw materials, its uses, etc.

Sterile surgical catgut is made from purified strands of collagen from cow intestines. They are used when an absorbable suture is needed. Other things enjoy been made of catgut, similar to strings for violins, but the material be taken from sheep intestines. I don't know how cats got involved contained by the word unless it just sounded appropriate to someone.

More detail as to its surgical applications can be found in the Wikipedia join below.
It's what's used to sew lacerations next to..sutures ( stictiches ).
This is a misnomer. Suture material is immediately made of a variety of absorbable or non absorbable synthetic things.
True catgut has not be used in a long time.

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