How much volume is a vial tube used for blood test?

I almost fainted from loss of blood pressure after they drew three vials of blood from my arms (I'm terrifically small) and I'd like to know how this degree compares to a blood donation.

Thanks in credit for your help.
The volume of blood that a Vacutainer tube draws out of you is small, and can list from about 1 ml (for the tiny pediatric tubes) to nearly 10 ml for the normal sized tubes. There may be larger ones that I'm not au fait with.

The three tubes that be withdrawn from you represent about 30 ml at the most, which is one ounce (like a small tablets cupful)

In contrast, blood donation is about a pint, or 450-500 ml (they truly weigh the blood, so the volume varies), and that's about 10% of what most relations have within their bodies.

The drop in blood pressure you experienced be a vasovagal reaction, and is highly common. It's cause by activation of the vagal nerve, which cause a drop in heart rate and blood pressure. Some empire pass out completely. The volume of blood that be withdrawn would have no effect on your blood pressure.
The run of the mill size tube is 7ml. The largest is 15ml .
Blood donation is a unit (approx 1 pint or 500ml)

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